1. Hey..

    Have any of ya'll taken a cruise before?? If so, how was it.... A good friend of ours from Kentucky called last nite and wants me and my hubby to go on a cruise with them next March, after I graduate from school....

    I think they are wanting to go to the Caribbean, and see Cozumel, Grand Cayman etc... The only thing I know is the cruise they are wanting to go on Departs from New Orleans...

    ANy cruise information would be GREATLY appreciated
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  3. by   aj rn 2be
    Cruises are awesome!!!
    SO relaxing!
    We went on a cruise to Jamaica, Grand Cayman and was such a good time!
    We went on Royal Caribbean, and I have also taken a cruise on Carnival...both were a lot of fun!
    Have a great time!
  4. by   dcc43210
    I have taken two Caribbean cruises. Both on Princess Cruise Line. Very enjoyable. Totally de-stressing experience. Next time will be to Alaska. Good rates these days, so spring for a cabin with a balcony.
  5. by   wv_nurse 2003
    Ohhhhh I am leaving for my second cruise in one week (7 days, 14 hours). We are headed to Grand Cayman and Cozumel--our first cruise was to St. Thomas, St. Croix, and St. Marteen--AWESOME!!!!!! Its one of the best deals for your money--and ohhhh I love being pampered!
  6. by   webbiedebbie
    My husband and I went on a cruize to Cozumel, Caymen Islands, and Jamaica two years ago. We went in December. It was great. It was so neat to run around in shorts. I also loved dressing up for the dinners. The cruise director was a hoot! There are some websites on cruises...check them out...they give a lot of good what and how to pack, etc. Be careful, the excursions can be quite expensive at each port. Save ahead for those.

    Feel free to pm me in you would like more information. I'm looking forward to another cruise in a couple of years.
  7. by   LilgirlRN
    I've been on 5 cruises, I like the southern Caribbean the best, but it all depends on what you enjoy doing. I love to snorkle, not much of a shopper so southern Caribbean was wonderful to me. I've been on the cruise you speak of, it's the Western Caribbean. Jamaica is not my favorite place in the world but it's good for shopping. Grand Cayman is beautiful and wonderful for snorkeling, this is where StingRay City is. You can pet the rays and feed them in very shallow water. They feel so neat, like velvet. They are accustomed to being touched so are unlikely to hurt you. Cozumel is lovely too, they have a wonderful state park there where you can snorkle just off the beach. Lots of wild iguanas there too, they live in the jungle just off the beach. Some of them are 5 feet long, the males get into fights all the time. Good silver shopping in Cozumel. A friend of mine who goes there all the time jokingly calls it Cousin Mel's, lol! The ship you're on sells excursions for when you get to port, scuba diving, horseback riding, golf that kinda thing. Save up for that. All of your meals are included but if you want any beverage other than tea or coffee you will have to pay for it. May be worth your while to bring your favorite soda with you. Alcohol can be bought for a song in most of these ports. There are lots of things to do onboard too. Most ships have casino, the ex won enough playing slots to pay for the cruise on more than one cruise we were on. Holland-America and Carnival, I think are the only ones to cruise out of NO, but I could be wrong, been awhile since I looked at any of this stuff. Check with a local travel agent and look online at prices. Most cruise lines offer free domestic flights or flights at a reduced rate to the port you'd be leaving from and back home. Doesn't matter if it's NO, Miami, Port Canaveral etc. They will let you make installment payments too since you won't be going until next year. Hope this helps, have a great time, Wendy
  8. by   PennyLane
    How dressed up do you have to be for dinner? I want to make sure I bring the right clothes for my cruise in April.
  9. by   wv_nurse 2003
    Depending on the length of your cruise--there is usually one "formal" night on a 3-5 day cruise (the Captain's cocktail party and dinner) and maybe 2 formal nights on longer cruises. No shorts at dinner--men can wear dress slacks and casual shirts. Women are fine with a dress, skirt or slacks.