Crowded House Drummer Found Dead


    May he rest peacefully...what a shame. They are one of my all time favorite bands.
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  3. by   talaxandra
    Thank you for posting this - I was also saddened to hear that Paul Hester had died. 'The music of Split Enz' and 'Crowded House' are a bit part of 'the sound track of my life'. He will be missed.
  4. by   Tweety
    How sad. He was so young. Last year I found their album on vinyl on sale for $1.00 and bought it. Just yesterday I listened to lead singer Neil Finn's album he did with is brother "The Finn Brothers" is what he goes by now.

    They were an accellent group.
  5. by   nurseygrrl
    the finn brothers are excellent. neil finn's musical abilities have been grossly overlooked over the years.

    i found an article that says he battled depression for most of his life.

    ...and this, i got off the crowded house website, for those who are interested.

    paul hester
    paul newell hester was born in melbourne on january 8, 1959. his father, mulga mike hester, was a legendary bushman and his mother, ann, a jazz drummer. the family also includes paul's sister carolyn.

    from an early age, paul was encouraged by his mother to learn to play the drums, and was soon displaying his talent. his schooldays were less successful. paul had the dubious honour of being the first student in the history of education in victoria to have his teachers signing a petition asking him to leave.

    following his departure from school, paul tried out various jobs before embarking on a musical career. in 1980 he was a founding member of a quartet called cheks, a group which in 1982 evolved into another group, deckchairs overboard.

    in late 1983, popular new zealand group split enz needed a new drummer and by advice of rob hirst (midnight oil), paul was auditioned. after having attended three rehearsals without knowing if he was in or not, paul finally brought a tape recorder and got each member to say he had got the job.

    split enz decided to go separate ways in 1984. paul and singer/guitarist/songwriter neil finn formed a new group, crowded house (originally called mullanes), and paul remained a key member of the group until he quit during an american tour in april 1994. paul cited the pressures of touring and declining motivation for the group as his reasons.

    after leaving crowded house, paul was guest host on various radio and tv shows in australia, and has opened a tea house in elwood beach. musically, he has collaborated with richard pleasance, deborah conway (in the group ultrasound) and penny flanagan, and wrote songs with old deckchairs overboard cohort john clifforth. he hosted a music show on australia's abc network, hosted an acousting concert series, and made several appearances on tv and radio, including a recurring role as chef paul on kid's show "the wiggles."

    sadly, paul took his own life march 27, 2005 in melbourne. he is survived by his two daughters.

    bands: sea monsters
    cheks 1980-82
    deckchairs overboard 1982-83 (one mini album, singles)
    split enz 1983-84 (one studio album, two live albums)
    mullanes 1985
    crowded house 1986-94 (four studio albums)
    ultrasound 1995 (one studio cd)
    productions: holy toledos "blood", cd, 1993
    sessions: do-re-mi mini album, 1982
    rock party "everything to live for", 12", 1986
    richard pleasance "galleon", cd, 1991
    holy toledos "blood", cd, 1993
    richard pleasance "love is all", single, 1994