crossroads, changes , choices whatever!

  1. hi pallies
    just need some reassurance that what I'm going thru right now isnt infact a midlife crisis
    and is instead lifes opportunities opening up to me for the taking........

    basically things had been kind of status quo lately, working at my little job, funning on the weekends etc

    counting down the time til I am back on my beloved patient care and night shifts, cuz this working as the resource/desk nurse is swiftly kicking my lil butt

    then yesterday I got a note from a university here in the city saying that I was accepted into their 19mth fast track program to do my degree

    considering I just applied as a fluke , I had gone to an info session and they had a signup sheet so i thought what the heck and filled it out, knowing full well that so many ppl had applied that it would be luck of the draw who got accepted for september and who didnt.

    I put zero thought into it afterwards, well zero concious thought anyway ,in the back of my mind I guess I wondered what if type of thing
    but then I found out yesterday that the answer was yes and I debated with myself all day as to whether to go for it or not.

    obvious answer would be go for it , you want it , no better time in that I'm not married with kids or anything right now

    but talking to ppl around work they all seem to say that our workplace says they are supportive with furthering ones education but still expect major committment and full time availability from the full timers

    hence the dilemma, If I do this, I want to do well with it and succeed.........
    apparently it will be up to me to juggle my own shifts and beg ppl to work the day/days I am in school.......
    I work with ppl who are not very flexible in that regard so I can see problems with this already......

    my "friends" dont get why the schooling thing is important to me and figure that I'm already a nurse that should be the end of it, my nursing freinds understand but still think the whole schedule thing is gonna be a problem.

    anyway I'm yattering on and on here, it just seems like life is throwing things at me right about now, personally and professionally and somehow I'm supposed to make sense of it all
    relationship wise, education wise, employment wise, friendship wise, family wise , all of it, and for an indecisive soul like myself this can be overwhelming hahaha

    cheers my friends
    wendles still loves you all :kiss
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  3. by   live4today
    Wendles...TRUST your gut feeling on this, and you'll do right by yourself. Others advice can only confuse you more. It's okay to ask for others opinions as what you should or shouldn't do, but the only opinion and outcome that matters is your own.

    Ask yourself: Do I really want this for myself? If I don't go, will I regret it? Is the timing perfect for me to go IF that is what I want to do? Can I afford to do this right now? Am I willing to see it through once I start - if I start - even if it means changing my job or hours or cutting back on my hours for this wonderful opportunity? What exactly am I willing to sacrifice for this, and is it worth it to me in the long run? What more pressing matters need addressing in my life right now that need to take priority over returning to school right now?

    Do some soul searching over this, and jot down what your gut reaction to it all is, and come back and share it with us. ((((hugs)))) and :kiss


    "Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things." -- Robert Brault