Crop Circles Explained

  1. Scientists have now discovered the reason for the mysterious crop circles that appear in fields all over the world.
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  3. by   nexus
    LOL :chuckle

    I was at Avebury (Standing stones about 30 miles from Stone henge) last Midsummer's Eve and when the sun rose on Midsummer Day, there was a crop circle formed in a nearby field. There were about 200 people there that night and no one saw any human involvement. Many cars had battery failure indicating some electromagnetic interference.

    I dont know - I'm a cynical ICU nurse, but I went and stood in that crop circle and got the most amazing feeling of bubbling energy inside me. After being up all night too!

    This is a link to the crop circle:
  4. by   leslie :-D
    ok gwenith, i'm exposing myself by showing how slow i am.....who are they, martians? :imbar
  5. by   manna

    Crop circles (and other similar mysterious things) creep me out. I'm not good with concepts unknown (I'm a bit of a control freak, I suppose).