CRNA charge with murder

  1. Talk about holding a grudge.

    I'm stunned that someone could hold a grudge this long.

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  3. by   kukukajoo
    It sounds too far fetched. I read other articles that said the dose was not an overdose, but rather a bad reaction that caused her death.

    Think about it, even if she was upset back in HS, I doubt she would be still after living all that life in between and living as an exemplary citizen for 30 years. If someone is deviant, generally there is a pattern through life. We all did stupid things in high school like fight over boys and pick on classmates but I think most look back and see how childish we actually were!!

    If I saw "jess" in the mall or somewhere I would remark to whoever I was with that she stole my bf (he was seeing both of us!) and also puched me in the face over him when she found out he kissed me! Does this mean I would kill her? Heck no- means that I was recalling info and thinking about how stupid we could be when we were young.

    Face it- I don't know of ANY MAN ON THIS EARTH that would be worth killing for- specially 30 years after the fact! (sorry boys we do love you but there is a limit!)