1. England are just hopeless.
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  3. by   J. Tigana
    How well do the Aussies play football?. We will find out when they at the Boleyn ground next spring. I think I'll save some time and post this now.

    Australia are just hopeless.
  4. by   karenG
    wait till england beat you at rugby! but must say that as I am scots- I will be supporting anyone playing england!!!

  5. by   Rustyhammer
    I have never seen a game of cricket but would be willing to check it out sometime.
    It just isn't done in the states.
    Maybe when I become a world traveler.
  6. by   Rav_810
    who cares about football we beat u in everything else.
  7. by   J. Tigana
    Rav don't you mean everything except football and rugby.
    England 32 Australia 31. Can we play you every week?
  8. by   donmurray
    Russell, can you imagine watching a game that lasts for FIVE DAYS........................................and ends in a draw?
    Unless England are playing!
  9. by   Rav_810
    england limping again in the cricket
  10. by   donmurray
    One should not intrude in private grief!
  11. by   Rav_810
    Always good to see the poms limping
  12. by   donmurray
    For our American cousins: "pom" is an aussie slang term for immigrant, dating to the end of the 19th century, long after the convict days. The lasting resentment probably does!
  13. by   Rav_810
    Convict days might be over but rejects still keep coming, are conditions really that bad over there?

    Just Kidding!!!
  14. by   aj1973
    OY! OY! OY!!

    I'm here in adelaide, glad I didn't buy tickets to the cricket tomorrow or monday...It'll all be over by lunchtime tomorrow