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  1. this is totally off-topic, and i apologize in advance since this has nothing to do with nursing.

    but i just had a totally freaky experience and i need to tell someone!! i was walking my dogs about a block from my house, when suddenly a car careened down the street, screeched to a stop, and i heard something strange coming from it. my dog stood frozen still and alert, and started growling at the car. i realized that someone in the car was screaming, like REALLY screaming (not just yelling-pissed-off-at-your-friends, but SCREAMING). she was screaming help over and over, then the car door opened and it looked like someone was trying to get out while still screaming, 'let go of me, let me out!' it was so dark out and no one else was around, there were no houses or anything on that street, and i didn't know what to do. i ran as fast as i could back to my house (dragging my poor confused dachshunds behind me!) and dialed 9-1-1 right away. i tried to describe everything but i felt terrible that i didn't get a license plate number and just had a vague description of the car. i couldn't even tell how many people were in the car or anything.

    i know i probably did the right thing but sitting here now i just keep hearing that woman screaming in my head, and i keep wishing i'd had my cell phone on me, or looked at the license plate, or gotten closer, or ANYTHING. i also wonder if she saw me, or if she saw me running away, what if something terrible was happening and she saw me running away like i didn't want to help?!

    i'm not religious at all, but i'm just going to be hoping and praying and hoping that the woman is all right, that nothing bad happened to her. i feel so guilty for not being more helpful. i'm never walking my dogs without my cell phone again!!

    thanks for letting me unload! my heart rate is slowly returning to normal.


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  3. by   LPN & EMT-CT
    What did the police say? Are you okay? Remember you have to protest yourself first. When did this happen, just tonight?
  4. by   srose
    The 9-1-1 operator took all the information that i could give, and said that they'd be sending a patrol car to the area. i tried to stress that it was 'in progress' and i'd seen it only about one minute before i called them. this just happened tonight, around 11pm (PST).

    i wish there was some way i could follow up with the police, and find out if everything's okay, but on the other hand, i would hate to hear that by the time they got there they didn't see anything.

    i know that i probably did the safest thing, but my gut instinct was to run over to the car and help! my boyfriend keeps telling that i can't help everyone and i have to look out for myself. my neighbor phrased it as, 'you and two 10-pound wiener dogs can't save the world from the bad people!'
  5. by   night owl
    I look at it this way, you did exactly what you should have done...notified the police, gave them as much info as possible and let them take it from there. Had you gotten more involved, who knows what you may have found. How do you know they didn't have a weapon of some kind??? After that, I'd even be afraid to walk my dogs alone! Thank God you're OK.
  6. by   oramar
    If that was a trick to lure you to car and you could have gone over and something bad happen to you. The police would have gone on TV saying not to approach supcious car, call 911. That is what you did. It was right thing. I saw accident about half block from my house. Instead of running to accident I ran into my house and called 911. It felt odd to run to phone instead of to the people but it is right thing to do. The ambulance was there 60 second after accident. If I had gone to car first there would have been a delay and someone would have bled to death. Your nursing instincts may have led you to do the safe thing. Emotional reactions are not usually the best thing to do in emergency, nurses know this and that is why we are good at following our head.
  7. by   NurseDennie
    Originally posted by srose
    i wish there was some way i could follow up with the police, and find out if everything's okay, but on the other hand, i would hate to hear that by the time they got there they didn't see anything.
    This must have been a completely scary thing for you. But what I wanted to say was that, at least in my town, you can call the police and find out what happened. Don't wait too long, the logs or notes or whatever might have been put in storage, however they do that.

    I called the dispatcher (NOT 911) and told the man there that I wanted to know what happened about my call. He asked if I was the one who called, and the number I called from and what time I'd called, and then was able to tell me what the action was.
  8. by   Vsummer1
    Perhaps from now on if you walk late at night you should take a cell phone? That way you would not feel so scared and "alone" with just you and your dog.
  9. by   live4today did the right thing. I would never approach someone's car I did not know. Wise thinking on your part. You could have ended up being the victim that night had you ran over to that car. Oramar is never knows if they are the victim being targeted or not in a situation like that. So...thank God you and your doggies are okay. (((((((hugs)))))))) :kiss

    I hope you will STOP walking your dogs after dark...especially alone. That is not a wise thing to do srose. Make your boyfriend walk with you, or walk the dogs for you. Think more defensively for yourself. YOU ARE WORTH PROTECTING, TOO!
  10. by   Lausana
    You did the right thing Srose! You very well may have saved someone's life...and kept yourself out of harms way by getting home

    I would check back with the police...also I think that a police log is printed in the newspaper, at least I've seen it before in ours..."officers responded to a 911 call on Main Street at 10:00pm" or whatever.
  11. by   stevierae
    Oh, man, that sent chills up my spine and made the hair stand up on my arms!!! I agree with everyone else--you did absolutely the right thing. You could have been shot or dragged into the car, being a witness to some horrible crime enfolding. You did everything that could have humanly possible to intervene safely.
  12. by   kmchugh
    OK Rose

    Spent 14 years in the Army, 10 of them as a CI agent. Done the law enforcement thing. I know exactly how you feel, I understand your desire to help, but...YOU DID EXACTLY THE RIGHT THING.

    "i feel so guilty for not being more helpful." A couple of things popped into my mind at this statement:

    1. Just how helpful is it when you find yourself at the next stoplight, with two women in the car screaming for help? And yes, there are men out there strong enough to cause exactly that to happen.

    2. Not wanting to cast doubt on the screaming woman, but there are some great actresses out there. It strikes me as funny that this car HAD to stop right next to the woman walking by herself with nothing more than two dogs from Oscar Meyer for protection. It's not unheard of for women who are girlfriends of sicko's to help them prey on others in just this manner. These women are usually pretty abused and at the end of their rope.

    So, you did great. Pat yourself on the back for helping in the best way you could, while doing a great job of protecting yourself as well.

    Kevin McHugh

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