cranberry juice

  1. I know that cranberry juice makes the urine more acid and suppresses the activity of bacteria thus reducing UTIs. That is a scientific fact. But there are a lot of other health claims made about cranberry juice. Anyone know why it is supposed to have positive effect on rest of the body? What about cranberry juice softgels and concentrates? Do they have the same effectiveness as the juice? I recently purchased a product called Ocean Silver that has a cranberry juice base supplemented with vitamins and minerals. Anyone else use anything like this?
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  3. by   gwenith
    Oramar I think there was something on the cochrane database for EBP but that was a while ago. I will get back into the uni library and look later.
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    Kind of like that article said, I was going to guess it was the antioxidants in the cranberry. Don't know if the tablets have the micronutrients and antioxidants in them though. Cranberry juice is usually too sweet, so moderation would be in order.

    I thought blueberries led the pack in fruits with high antioxidant power. But any kind of berry is good, blueberry, raspberry, etc. Gooble them up.