Coverage of 9-11 Anniversary

  1. Hello Everyone,
    I don`t know what the lead up to the anniversay has been like in the US & UK... but here in Australia there has been a clammering of the major newspapers and TV stations to get you to watch THEIR exclusive coverage..... Is anyone else well and truly pissed of with this?.... it does`nt seem like a respectful rememberance, more like a sporting event with hawkers trying to get you to but their tickets... it sucks.... The whole thing should be carried out without all the bells and whistles.... simple services where anyone can go and pay their respects. I don`t know maybe I`m alone in this, but I can`t help but feel the media is turning yet another heinous tragedy into a circus. I for one will not be watching any coverage... just being alone with my thoughts... saying a silent prayer... and being with people & family who know the meaning of respect.
    regards StuPer
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  3. by   Glad2behere
    Yep, getting a little out of hand here as well, I think

    Sure, I'll watch some coverage....what if any I judge to be appropriate.

    I think it would be a good day to seek the silence and comfort I can only find kneeling, head down, hands clasped, in the pew of my church...and asking God to relieve me of my wanting to understand such cruelty and to control my hatred, rage, and the feeling of having been raped.
  4. by   jnette
    Ditto the above. Tired of the media telling me how I'm supposed to feel, look, act, think....enough is enough already! WHy must they keep piling it on?
  5. by   oramar
    I think they are doing the same thing to this aniversary that they have done to the rest of society. What ever it is, they manage to change into somesort of money grubbing event. Does everything in society have to be reduced to one commen denominator? $$$$$$$ There is some very important information in some of the shows with historical content. But trying to weed those shows out from the shameless attempts to raise rating or hawk their goods if difficult. Some of these people have no shame.
  6. by   donmurray
    Anniversary fatigue is setting in here too. People will remember in their own ways, without the unseemly hand-wringing of the media.
  7. by   sjoe
    Yep. It reminds me of Xmas cards and gifts and decorations and music beginning in stores as early as...last week! No lie. They couldn't even wait until Labor Day this year.
  8. by   Stargazer
    A friend on another BB coined a phrase for this phenomenon that is grotesquely appropriate: "tragedy porn."
  9. by   Mkue
    I'm still so numb from last year 9/11, I probably won't watch any of the specials, it's all so vivid in my mind.

    I have enjoyed several websites that have been posted on the BB, rebalwaclause and Robin1970 have posted some nice rememberance websites, I really enjoyed those, that's all I need and little solitude time to pray on Wednesday.

  10. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I am liberal in my use of the "off" button on my tv/radio. It saves me from insult from the media in a succinct way.

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