Couple of things that are bothering me about Anthrax attack

  1. Did you get the feeling that the CDC and the feds were more interested in controlling panic than in controlling the outbreak. Did you notice that several of the assurances we recieved soon proved to be hollow. Take for instance the assurance that postal workers were in no danger and that the general public was in no danger. There has been illness and death in both groups. Did the powerful health institutions of this country seem more interested in protecting senators and congressmen than the general population? Anyone with a brain could have thought the thing through and realize cross contamination was a possiblity. I think there were persons who doubtlessly guessed that cross contamination was a possibility and they were pressured to say there was no danger and cross there fingers. There is another thing they are not saying right now and that is, ANOTHER ATTACK COULD COME AT ANY TIME FOLKS. This one could involve 100 envelopes and 10,000 cases of cross contamination. Matter of fact I will venture to say that if we get off with out anymore biologically attacks we will be very lucky.
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  3. by   nurs4kids
    Psychic Oramar,
    There is a new case. I think you're right on all accounts.

  4. by   breanna
    I have always agreed with your assessment of the CDC. They are an arm of a big body. Another arm is law enforcement. If the CDC was to allow the panic that would occur over truth, the law enforcement limb would be severely stressed. I have seen evidence of this CDC characteristic time and time again, from hepatitis issues, vCJD, to most recently the West Nile issue. In just the last month, the CDC and the USDA have issued widely disparate statistics in relation to West Nile cases. Go figure!

    By the way: Was West Nile a possible BT attempt? It seems to meet much of the criteria.
  5. by   breanna
    Sorry my last post's reference did not translate. I was referring to the Viral Disease Moderator's comments with statistics at If necessary to view, go to ProMed's site and:

    Archive Number 20011108.2771
    Published Date 08-NOV-2001
    Subject PRO/AH/EDR> West Nile virus surveillance 2001 - USA (31)