Countdown to the big day-are you ready?

  1. I have 53 hours until 18 people decend on my house for the festivities. And my list of stuff to do has not gone down much since Friday...

    The house is still filthy and not a single decoration is up
    the naked tree has been cat tested-holds 4 in the top without tipping
    bought wrapping paper, wrapped & delivered the gifts for my 2 co-workers-everything else is still piled in my room.
    I still have 2 presents coming UPS and 6 to buy (I have LOST my list)
    2 boxes need to shipped (OK & AK)
    Still no clues on the menu, my Mom wants take out chinese (WTF)
    I work tomorrow

    I am still in bed, in my jammies, smoking and sipping Bailey's and cofee.

    And I am not kidding.

    So...anybody else not ready yet?
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  3. by   night owl
    Well, almost. I just came back from Wal-Mart. I would have stayed and finished, but I just had to get out of there it's InSaNe!!!!!!!!!!!Maybe I'll take a nap and go back at 0300 when it won't be so nutz.
  4. by   LasVegasRN
    I am still in my jammies too!! I love jammy days.

    Baileys and coffee sounds good, y'all 'scuse me while I go brew.
  5. by   aus nurse

    Originally posted by kids-r-fun

    the naked tree has been cat tested-holds 4 in the top without tipping
    kids-r-fun that made me laugh so much! If nothing else has been accomplished you made me laugh, so there you go, something has been done.
    I really lost it when you said you had to work tomorrow on top of all that to do
    Good're a proscrastinator like me..we get there in the end
  6. by   kids
    Glad to give you something to laugh about aus. The saddest part is true, there are 2 cats asleep in it right now. The real fun starts when we get it decorated...they start going after orniments and over reach or creep to far out on a skinny limb. Luckily our tree stand is cast iron and has about 15 pounds of concerete in the bottom.

    The bathrooms are clean (a bigger task than I care to admit to) and *some* of the decorations are scattered about.

    My Mom called the family and held a vote, without me...we are having take out chinese for dinner Christmas Eve (how traditional!).
  7. by   BadBird
    I am cooking Christmas Eve, full turkey dinner, then off to SIL for Christmas Dinner. The reason I am cooking a full turkey dinner is that my SIL is a terrible cook. I mean terrible, undercooked turkey is common for her, canned gravy, baked potatoes wrapped in foil that are not cooked all the way (I must have mashed taters!). 1 can of luke warm corn, and no cranberry sauce. I am not kidding she is the sweetest person but her cooking is horrible, what's worse her family is used to it and didn't know better until we moved here and they started coming to our home to eat, they usually do but they have more extended family so off we go. At least when we get home we will have left overs.
  8. by   nursedawn67
    Everything is ready, one of my kids will set up Christmas day for the hubby and I and the kids to open gifts when I get up.
  9. by   Robin61970
    Need to clean the house for company on xmas day...we only have a couple of people coming over, but I am making LOTS of food so we can have lots of leftovers. All shopping is done....need to wrap my sisters gifts for my mom....she is working so much she has not had time. I have 4 children home with me SO.....they are gonna help clean! LOL...yea I can dream......
  10. by   Mkue
    I need to get bigger stockings or quit buying so many "stuffers".

    LMAO Marie! :chuckle

    Hmmm...... 2 gift certificates to buy. Hubby and I decided to divide and conquer tomorrow. We'll convene late in the evening to finish wrapping. I have just a few treats to make tomorrow.

    Meanwhile, I'll have roofers banging away above me all day, and a pest inspection at 10am. And about 5 phone calls to make.

    But I SWEAR! I'm sleeping in until 9am! Heaven!

  12. by   Jenny P
    Kids, I LIKE the idea of Chinese take-out! No hassle, no fuss, goes quickly too; and doesn't last forever so you can snack later and not feel guilty either.
    HOWEVER, we will be having a layered jello salad, Swedish sausage, oyster stew, etc. on Christmas Eve and then having a roast beef dinner on Christmas day. I will only have 8 people here for Christmas, but one of them is my DH's "rich" relative and my house is a mess and my carpets are stained. I work tomorrow night also, and I have 2 presents to buy and mail yet, and 3 packages to mail (2 out of state). I went out and in a fast shopping spree I bought a bunch of Christmas cards and it turns out they are all in SPANISH-- ME!! The person who can't speak any other languages!!! So no cards have gone out yet either! My computer is broken, I have to use a PC instead of my Mac. I think I'd rather still be in bed drinking Bailey's and coffee, but I've been up all day nursing my bum hip again.

    But it will all work out and things come together okay. I believe it!
  13. by   debyan
    So are you going to decorate aroound the cats? :roll deb
  14. by   kaycee
    My husband and kids have Chinese with his mom and sister every Christmas day when I work. It's sort of become a tradition. Just like in the movie A Chrsitmas Story.
    Fa-ra-ra-ra-ra Ra-ra-ra-ra!