Copyrighted material/info from books and using them for a group

  1. I am sure some of you all have seen where I thought an unemployed nurses "support group" (would call it something else though) would be cool to start. I am actually really wanting to start one. I would want to get a lot of info together though and have it thoroughly thought out before I ever did anything, so it would take a while. But, obviously the info comes from various books and sources. Is it allowed to use this material for a group that would be educational and supportive? I guess, what can and can't I do with material that I have?

    I have a decent amount as I have my books from nursing school and various other books and material because my mom is a nursing instructor. I want to keep up with the info while I am unemployed, but I think it really helps to be discussing it with others nurses who are unemployed until we find employment. I love sharing what I know and little techniques to remember stuff. It would be different in that this would not be an NCLEX review or for students. This would be for people who are nurses that are out of work and need to keep up with the material and have people to talk things out with. I would also want to include stuff that was not discussed in nursing school and/or people are not aware of such as the monitoring programs (an overview--I would not share anything like Caduceus meeting lists as that is solely for people in the monitoring program), maybe include info as far as where to get insurance for licenses, lists of professional organizations and volunteer opportunities to get experience.

    I think it would be cool to let it evolve into something that maybe nurse recruiters can come and talk to these people. It sounds like nursing school extension, but the thing is, when I was in school and nurse recruiters came, most of my classmates were already committed to a facility or job. So, picking out the people who didn't have a job was hard. All of these people in this group would be looking for jobs.

    This would take a long time to do, but it would be worth while. I am thinking of the library as a meeting place.

    So, is using books/material allowed in this type of setting?