1. Hello friend's, I'm back from Sydney! We arrived home last night. Spent a lovely two weeks in and around the harbour city. I'll tell more soon and post some pics.

    Sadly, after a lovely two weeks our lighthearted spirits were dealt a blow. As we were walking through the Sydney airport yesterday, I received a phone call from the daughter of my friend, Anne. This link will explain:
    As you can imagine, we were devastated to hear this dreadful news. Please pray for Anne. We just have to wait and see for now. Life really is so fragile and unpredictable isn't it? The police said the bad weather was a huge factor in the crash. I may be flying up to Queensland to be with her. We'll asses things in the coming days. We've known each other all our lives. She visited late last year. We enjoyed a lovely get together then. I'm sure we'll have many more get togethers!

    Hope everyone is well. Will endeavour to catch up on the news etc later.
    It's almost 1.30am here! I'd better get to bed! But, I wanted to touch base again after my absence.
    Bye for now ..............
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  3. by   Beary-nice
    Welcome back Grace and get some rest. I will pray for Anne.
  4. by   tnbutterfly
    Grace.....glad you made it home safely and that you had a wonderful time. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend Anne. I will keep her in my prayers. I will be praying for you as well.
  5. by   walkingrock
    hi grace, glad you're back and had a nice time. will be thinking about your friend anne, i'm so sorry.
  6. by   nursemary9
    Dear Grace,

    I'm so glad you're back!! You have been missed!! I'm glad to hear that you had a good time.

    My thoughts and Prayers go out to Anne. I will also ask our Chaplain to keep her in his prayers. I'm so sorry--it sounded like a really awful scene.
  7. by   compassion1
    I've prayed for Anne. She's fortunate to have a dear friend like you. And welcome back to us. You've been missed.
  8. by   hlfpnt
    Prayers for Anne :angel2:
  9. by   Grace Oz
    Thank you all for your kind thoughts and warm welcome back.
    Especially your prayers for Anne.
    I spoke with her this morning, (thursday Aust time), and despite her dreadful injuries, she's positive and showing great courage. She was scheduled for theatre this afternoon for surgery after the docs assertained it was safe to go ahead. She has a long road to recovery ahead, but with her positive attitude and resolve to heal, I know she'll succeed.

    Thanks again, your words and support are much appreciated.

    It's good to be home. Both here at home, and here on allnurses!