Controversial Short Animation Film

  1. An animated film of Osama...well...being squashed--literally! As the subject said this is labeled as controversial, although I rather enjoyed it myself! So you can check out this video by clicking on one of the links below of themedia player you have installed.

    Windows Media (Low Bandwidth)

    Windows Media (High Bandwidth)

    Real Player (Low and High Bandwidth)

    Quicktime (Low Bandwidth)

    Quicktime (High Bandwidth)

    All the links worked for me, so hopefully no one will have problems viewing the film.

    Oh's called Osama Been Flatten!

    I think a nomination to 'Best Animated Short Film' is in the near future for this producer!!!

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  3. by   Stargazer
    Here's another one I got a chuckle out of. The animation is much more amateurish than misti's film, but it's pretty funny. Make sure you have your sound card on.