1. Off I go to "THE PARENT CONFERENCE"... Joy of Joys!!! I get more butterflies in my stomach than my kids...They'll never understand until they have their own kids...See you later...
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  3. by   night owl
    I'm sooooo proud of her, not one bad thing was said! PHEEEEWWW!
    How fun! My boy is 7, first grade, so this is all so new to me! I know how you feel, I think I was more nervous! I could feel my hubby looking at me every time I blurted out that nervous laugh!

    How old are yours Night Owl?


  5. by   night owl
    well, my daughter is 12 and has always had very good remarks by her teachers, gets good grades and enjoy having her in class. my son , now 16, is a good kid, a go getter, and doesn't require "the conference" unless the parent requests it, was really the one i became a nervous wreck just before i attended one. he has the "potential", but doesn't apply himself. then it goes from one not so good comment to another. all i could tell them both was do the best you possibly can. sometimes i still have to ask my son, "did you do your homework??? let me see it..."