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  1. I am so psyched-I got tix for Peter Gabriel tonite in NJ....Great seats and I got them on the spur of the moment.Of course I am paying spur-of-the-moment prices,too but I know it will be worth it....Downside is I am surprising my husband and is he miserable...He only knows we are leaving in a few hours-he'll crap when he sees our seats but I guess he'll give me a run for my money until then.I will never surprise him again-apparently he does not LIKE surprises....Who knew? I do now....He always has been kind of uptight-not really able to cut loose and have a good time-the opposite of me....I surprised him just last week with some aquatic plants for the pond-how was I to know that he was not ready for over $100.00 of greens? Well-I have learned my lesson now-but I am going to enjoy the show...
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  3. by   funnygirl_rn
    Have a great time tonight...I am sure your hubby will too..once he gets there! Enjoy!
  4. by   PennyLane
    OMG! I just saw him last night in Virginia. It was AWESOME!@!@ His daughter sang with him and we have the same name--Melanie! I was so thrilled the entire time and he sounded GREAT. Love that man. What did you think, ktwlpn?
  5. by   ktwlpn
    It was a great show! He had some slight technical problems at the beginning but they were quickly solved and did not take away from the impact of the show....He and the band sounded great-his daughter is a doll( her voice is young-but so is she) His voice was great-so what he can't jump around quite as much as he used too? He still had a few surprises,didn't he? Did he do "Games without Frontiers" with Melanie and he on the Segway? That just knocked me out-and that really made a statement to me about the song,too....He wrote it so long ago and it's still relevant today-The Segway's really brought home the times we are living in...what an invention.You can order yours on you have just $5,000.00 of disposable income...:chuckle How did you like the sphere?...nice.... When they did Solsbury Hill he and the band came skipping around the audience...I love that song...And it was great seeing some of the older conceptualizations-they still work...That head camera for Digging in the Dirt-and the phone booth for "Come talk to me"-that held up really well.....Good playlist-just enough of the new and the best of the older stuff...All of my favs...It really was a good show,wasn't it? Did you see him on his last tour? It's out on DVD and well worth it......That was a great show....I really like him.....can you tell? Now-I have to see Bowie one more time-but only if he goes heavy on his older stuff-I don't like the new crap at all.....After that it's no more aging rockers for me....I'm so OLD myself that I did not even get patted down....(They missed my crack pipe just kidding-really)
  6. by   PennyLane
    Yes, a lot of it was the same. I was so psyched when they came out to the audience, but unfortunately, I was in the middle of a row and so was nowhere near them.

    The sphere was very cool, I agree. And the Segway thing was neat (and thanks--I couldn't remember what it's called!). His voice DOES still sound great. He has such a great voice. Did he end with his 'father and son' song? Very touching. The only bad thing about the concert was that it had to end!! :roll

    I haven't seen him since 1987 or so during his "So" tour. I was about 13. It was my first concert. I was a fan back then, too. It was also the first time I smelled pot--my friend's father took us and pointed out the smell to us. I was thinking, what is he talking about?? haha.

    I haven't seen the DVD of his last tour, but they've been playing a concert of his on DirecTV recently. They're on a rectangular stage. He wore the head camera for Digging in the Dirt, too, but there was also a mound of dirt or a rock, maybe, in the middle of the that the one? Also at one point they climb into a box and dissappear. If that's the video of his last tour I'd like to buy it. Oh yeah, and there's a big half-dome that comes down and covers them at some point, too.

    I'm thinking if I can catch one of his upcoming shows!! I'd love to see him again, even if most of the songs are the same. I saw on his website that they're keeping video diaries that you can download...

    Were you close to the stage? Our seats were decent--in the pavilion, not on the lawn, but I would have loved to have been closer. I had to look on the screen to really see his face.
  7. by   ktwlpn
    This was the third time I have seen him..(my first ever concert was ..shh...come closer...The Osmond Brothers...:chuckle ) Like 30 yrs ago...argh! The concert that was on DirectTV is the one I was talking about..They journey from one stage to another-by walking down into a suitcase that he picks up and walks away with...On the dvd he talks about the symbolism of that show-it's all about relationships...It's worth skipping forward to that interview and then going back to the concert.Then you can really understand what he is talking about when you hear the songs in order and see them moving between the stages...Paula Cole sang with him on that tour-she was wonderful...We were 20 rows back from center stage-it is awesome to be really close sometimes but you do miss alot when you can't see the whole stage..I used to always run down to the front of the stage at every show when I was a younger-I had the balls then to jump over gates and such...I'm too scared to try that now...I like the direct tv shows...Tom Petty was good-my fav so far was Nine Inch Nails-I loved that show....The first few times I listened to his stuff all I heard was noise-but when you really listen to the lyrics and your ear gets used to that industrial sound you can really hear the complexity of the music and his poetry....And it's great road rage music.....