Computer Virus targeting Nurses???

  1. We just received an email containing an attachment "RN Job Responsibilities.doc.bat" that was flagged by Norton Anti-Virus as containing a virus or malicious code. What is odd is that none of the major virus (or virus hoax) sites mention this file name, so it may be very new. Yet, Nortons did flag it. The file name is new but the code isn't.

    This email wasn't sent innocently. The text read:

    "Hi! How are you?

    I send you this file in order to have your advice

    See you later. Thanks"

    Clearly the sender sought to spread the malicious program and the file name indicates it is targeting RNs. The email was sent with an individuals name which I'm not posting as it is surely fake or an attempt to blame an innocent party.

    We are an online retailer of medical uniforms and get many emails from medical professionals. We get about one infected email a month, usually from outside the US.

    I'm also very aware that 90% of bulletin board posts regarding viruses are hoaxes, spread innocently.

    So what should you do?
    1) install good antivirus software
    2) update it twice a month
    3) never click on attachments, especially those with
    executable file extensions (often .exe or .bat)

    4) as a general rule, NEVER repost virus warnings unless you
    first hand knowledge and have a fair amount of computer experience to recognize a hoax.

    Until more is known do NOT repost this on other boards. I'll contact Nortons directly to see what they know

    Has anyone else run into this file?

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  3. by   AckleyUniforms
    Did some more research:

    This appears to be a re-labeled (RN Job Responsibilities) version of a very new computer virus known asW32.Sircam.Worm@mm
    Anti virsus software won't protect you unless you've updated in the past few days.

    You can read more about it on Norton's site:

    It is real, not a hoax. But I'm not sure whether this strain is actively targeting nurses or whether the virus (actually a worm) happened to attach itself to that file randomly on someone's computer and was resent, perhaps many times.

  4. by   jamistlc
    I have been infeted with it too. I am not now after being down for a day! How did I get it? It was sent to me from a Nurse Recruiter I had been talking with about a job. Somehow it got in their puter and found a random document to infect and sent itself to everyone one the address book.

    This SirCam virus is a very nasty bug. It attaches itself in your puter and hides in the recycle file which unless you have altered your standard virus detection program it does not scan there. It also goes into your system restore if you have it. My puter had every exe file infected and would not run after I had deleted the virus this one can not be cleaned or just qauaranteened!

    If I had not had a Emergency Disk to start my puters Windows I would have had to do a clean start and loose all my files and cookies. I would have also lost programs as I do not have all those discs anymore or remember where I downloaded the programs. So my advice here is make a Emergency Disk and update your anti-virus programs regulary!

    This was not meant to attack just Nurses, it is searching for networks to attack. It wants networks since it would not require an e.mail attachment to infect the other puters. This is a worm that attachs to all your exe files so nothing will run eventually if you do have it and will not run after you get rid of it. In addition it may wipe your hard drives clean of files sometime in Oct. from what I have read about this SirCam Virus! This is no hoax I am surviving from this infection and everyone who I have sent e.mail to and is on my address book is now probably infected. This is how it spreads.

    So open attached files with care, I suggest to put it on disc then run a scan on it first before opening it! This would include files from here to!

  5. by   Nursz-R-Awsm
    I have recently read an article about this virus. I am sorry I am unable to get the website for you. This attaches to the "My Documents" file and sends its contents to others on your address list. It can reduplicate itself after being cleared from your hard drive. It's very tricky, so any attachments received by email - no matter who it is from...send to disk and have antivirus programs check it. Also, the article mentioned that it can hide in your Recycle bin.

    I found a different site, go here and click on SirCam...other viruses are listed as well.

    Sorry to say, it is not only healthcare professionals affected by this one.
  6. by   hoolahan
    I want to send you one ENOURMOUS THANK YOU for reminding me to update my Norton Anti-Virus. I lived through the wicked virus once, and never want to have to deal with that again!!
  7. by   jamistlc
  8. by   AckleyUniforms
    I posted a notice of the virus on a bb group for ecommerce professionals and several replied that they (of all people) had computers infected with Sircam. It's everywhere in one week!

    If you have the virus, Norton's has a tool for cleaning up your computer at:

    By the way, receieved several more infected emails yesterday. Even went so far as to set up a filter in our mail program (Eurdora) to dump any emails containing the text, "Hi How are you?" into a special mailbox.

    The tipoff isn't the emails subject which varies, but the text phrase, "Hi. How are you?" And of course, the email has an attachment which matches the subject.

    There may be more to this virus than is currently known. Best to update your virus software every day or two.

    Again, if you don't click on the attachment you should be okay.