Computer Question?

  1. i am certain i know the answer to this question. i am just checking to see if i am right or not?

    initially there was windows 95, then 98, then nt 2000, and xp is it?

    can you run a program, for say 98 or millenium on the new xp?


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  3. by   nightingale

    Iam NO expert... but sometimes it workds and sometimes not. I got a really cool pool program and it does not work on my more updated Windows Me (much to my disappointment).

    You having fun or what there Guy?
  4. by   Ted

    It all depends on the program and its function. I have a several hundred dollar audio recording program that will not work on XP unless I upgrade the program (which I did).

    I have yet to upgrade to XP, though. Will wait until the kinks have been ironed out in XP as well as the audio/video recording/editing programs I own.

    What you want to watch our for: make sure your hardware's drivers are compatible/workable with XP. This is true for many of the audio/midi interphases as well as the CD-RW hardware devices.

    Hope this helps.


    P. S. I wish I had gone Macintosh!!! Especially with all of the audio/visual stuff I do. For a lot of reasons, in my books, Microsoft sucks!!

    I know that in other forums (especially the audio recording forums I frequently visit) the previous statement Microsoft would start flaming-hot platform wars!!! I hope it doesn't here. But I really hate Micro$oft. . .

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  5. by   CEN35
    well what i am wondering about is quicken? i'm not sure if the windows 98/np/2000/millenium is compatible with xp?
    as a matter of fact, or if anything i have saved on disc from microsoft word 2000 would work in there also?

    in the meantime, i went to bed at 1am woke up at 4am and could not sleep any longer
    now it's time to get up and go to pals all day, followed by going into work tonight. oh well


  6. by   Ted

    Try going to the Quicken website (or the website of the company that makes Quicken). They probably have a support web-page where you can ask if their software is compatible with XP. Hopefully, they will have the necessary upgrade that can be downloaded (for free?!?!?) if your current version isn't compatible.

    Good luck.

  7. by   Dplear
    If your program does not work in XXXP there is a patch put out by Microsoft that will fix the problems. XP is a great system. It is extremely stable and really does not crash. I have yet to get a fatal exception error. If a program crashes you can close out that program and not have to shut down the puter at all. and you do not lose the info. As for Windows ME it really stands for Windows MASSIVE ERRORS. It sucks in a word. I hated it from the time I put it on my puter till I took it off. Crashed and caused all sorts of problems regularly. my system would freeze up and and take several reboots to restart. DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT USING WINDDOWS ME!!!!!!!

  8. by   Brownms46
    There are MANY programs and hardware, that don't work with XP. I received XP as a free upgrade when it came out ...from of course I upgraded! I also loathed ME....UNTIL I found that it DOES crash!!! When I finally had to reinstalled it for the upteeth time...I went BACK to ME! I was tried of doing all the work arounds for programs that didn't have native drivers for XP...and I have too much hardware....that didn't have XP drivers yet! One is my recently new Sony Digital Cam... my video edting recently bought Brothers 5 in 1 Fax, Scanner, Copier, Video Capture, 3 digital 1394 firewire...etc..etc! ALL work well with ME! So I will wait until XP is more stable, and more drivers are available. Some hardware makers have stated that they have NO intentions of making drivers for I will just wait until what I have wears out ..gets too outdated or something better comes along!

    My .02 cent!..
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  9. by   CEN35
    good thought ted e! i never really thought about that?

    brown, as far as nobody making drivers? i really doubt that will ever stick. windows has changed computers immensly. when a company like microsoft changes something, i really beleive that everybody else will have to follow suite. they spent a lot of time and money to come out with xp. that's what it is all about, something new, better and faster. companies always followed up with past changes, and i will bet that microsoft continues to stick with it. let's face it? in 5 years, there will be a windows 2003, a windows xxp, and who knows what else? they thought windows 95 was here to stay. that will be obsolete soon.

    i think that's just frustration on certain companies parts, saying they won't make drivers. if they want to stay in bussiness, they have to keep up with the pace. unfortunately, when microsoft makes something new, or a change almost everybody else has to make changes to follow suite.

    btw, i have windows me, and had some problems at 1st. however, i rarely have problems with it at all now.


    We had to install lots of new drivers when we got XP, what a pain in the arse! Hardly seemed worth it at first. But I must say, the computer hasn't crashed or froze up once since we installed XP. Used to freeze up a couple of times a day with ME.

  11. by   CEN35
    heather, what drivers did you need to install?

    why did you need to install them? old programs and software?


    Hey Rick

    I don't know all the technical stuff (that's why I got married) but lots of things didn't work at first. Every time I sat down to do something, I'd have to move over while he got drivers, tweaks, patches, and fixes. Then there were lots of things we had to uninstall, then reinstall. The printer, scanner, hubby's gaming stuff, Print Shop, all of them had problems that needed fixing.

    It seems to be royally incompatible with my AOL, so I fear it's time to get rid of it anyways. (hubby refers to AOL as still having my computer "training wheels")

    Everything seems to work OK now except for the scanner. Sometimes XP just doesn't recognize it. We just have to keep unplugging it and plugging it back in to the computer, and eventually it will say "new hardware found"

    My hubby goes to this site religiously for technical problems & advice. He gets all kinds of good stuff from here, maybe you'll find something useful:

    Off topic - we got a new mouse yesterday and I hate the ******* thing It's not ergonomically compatible with my hands!!!!

  13. by   CEN35

    thanks! the thing is all the new computers come with xp. i'll have to see if it gives me problems with my aol. i didn't want to get rid of my aol.

    i'll have to see what happens?

    anybody else out there have problems with aol and xp?

    My gut feeling is that the new computers that come with XP probably don't have the problems that people installing Xp onto older computers do. I told hubby to wait for XP until we bought a new computer, but noooooo...


    As for problems with AOL, they aren't constant, but annoying. For example, right now I can only use my AOL for mail. The browser does nothing, just gives me a forever "connecting" and a big white screen. Buddy List also won't come up. I have to switch over to hubby's IE to actually go anywhere. But I CAN get buddy List if I pull up the AOL IM that my husband uses...

    blah, blah, blah....

    I don't need this stress! Is it too early for an adult beverage