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  1. Anyone know what key you press on start-up to get a Compaq PC into CMOS set up???

    Babysitter's computer crashed, and need to get into cmos to fix problem..compaq is obviously different from others.
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  3. by   boggle
    Hi Nurse 4, I haven't got a clue which keys to press, BUT, I had talked to the Compaq tech support folks about a year ago by phone about problems. They were VERY helpful.

    Of course the were responding to my question about a message on my new PC warning of impending hard drive failure. Great customer service- sent us a new harddrive, bigger and better than the one that failed!

    Anyway, try calling the number listed on your warranty/ installation instructions. Good luck!!
  4. by   CEN35
    gateway here.............and maybe compaq has a 1-800 #????????

  5. by   Talino
    Right after you turn the system ON, numbers should be counting in the upper left hand corner, it will count up to the amount of RAM you have in the system. Then the cursor will jump to the upper right corner of the display and become square shaped. When this happens hit the F10 key or...

    As soon as the big red logo (COMPAQ) comes up on your screen, hit F10.

    If you're still stuck, you can post at this tech help site....
    Response usually within 24 hours (even quicker)

    or try Compaq tech support...

    Good luck!
  6. by   nurs4kids
    Thanks, that's EXACTLY what we needed!!

    As for compaq support Talino just gave me what I needed and it didn't cost use $39.95 per incident (per their 800 recorded msg where you must agree to the charge before proceeding further). Kinda high this day and time, eh? HP's is something like $25/hr tech support.

    anyhow, thanks you guys!!!!
  7. by   Talino
    -- glad to help

    I've learned my lesson too calling tech support for my "clunker" pc. Burned out $200 before finding out of free tech support sites out there. And they're even nicer and more knowledgeable.

    My pc is tiptop shape now...thanks to these guys who are willing to share... just like us here!