Computer Illiteracy

  1. Ok, it's just time I admitted this. I don't know what I am doing.
    I thought that I was compute literate, but apparently I was wrong.
    I have tried to be all fancy like other people here and post those pretty pictures that we get when we take those quizzes, or many other images. I just can't make it work. I don't know what to do. I so wanted to show off my computer skills for everyone at allnurses, but alas, I have failed miserably.
    The shame is nearly unbearable.

    For this reason, I throw myself on your mercy. I beg of you, PLEASE, help a poor computer fool. For I too want to play like the rest of you, but I don't feel as if I am worthy. So won't you please take pity on me and S-L-O-W-L-Y explain to me what I should be doing.

    I thank you in advance for your help.
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    Ahhhh.... you've caught me the night before I start my dreaded weekend, so I'm am of no use to you. I'm officially out of the computer loop until Monday morning!

    But if you drop me a PM on Monday, we'll start your lessons slowly and have you posting away with the rest of us by the end of the week!

  4. by   MissdonditaBsn
    Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!
  5. by   night owl
    Heather always pulls through for us computer dummies.
    Heather: Changing the World.... One Computer Dummy at a Time.
  7. by   deespoohbear
    Heather, me too? I want to learn how to post pictures. I think I figured out to post attachments. I will PM you....

  8. by   caroladybelle
    I could use your help also.
  9. by   semstr
    me too, pretty please!!
    You guys are hilarious! I'll start the first lesson tomorrow. What do you guys want to start with?

    OK, we'll start with attachment vs. images within your post.


    Attachments are when you attach a file form your computer to this bb. It will show as a link, and the file will pop up in a new window. The picture you post as an attachment must be stored in your computer somewhere (mine are in "My Pictures"). (I'm assuming you all know how to save a picture that you find somewhere? PM me if you need a private lesson in this)

    Go to reply as usual. You may type text if you wish. Then scroll down a little, and you will see an area that says "attach file." Click the "browse" button to search for the pic you want to attach. Select the pic, click "open," and then the location of the picture should appear in the space next to the "browse" button. Then "ubmit reply" as usual. The attachment will appear at the bottom of your post.

    Please note that there is a size limit for these pictures. It must also have a valid file extension (gif jpg png txt zip bmp jpeg pps).


    If you want to post an image and have it appear within the body of your post (you don't want to have to click a link to open it) IT MUST HAVE AN INTERNET ADDRESS (the picture has to be online somewhere).

    Find a picture online somewhere. Put your mouse over the picture and right click. A gray box should open. Scroll to the bottom and click "properties." Another gray box will pop up. In it will be a line for "ADDRESS/URL." Copy that line (I'm assuming we don't need a lesson on copy & paste. PM me if you do), and then go to the thread at allnurses to which you want to post the pic.

    Reply in your usual fashion. Above where you type your post, there are numerous little buttons. Click the "IMG" button, and a grey prompt box will pop up. Paste the address you copied into this box. Then hit "OK." You can make this appear anywhere in your post that you'd like. Menaing, you can type vefore or after it, etc.

    Please note that the address in your browser IS NOT the address of the picture. If you copy and paste this address, you'll get the box with a little red "x" in it.

    Alright, this is Tuesdays lesson. A little lengthy, I know, but I'm making up for not doing it yesterday!

    Now post me some pictures to show me you understand!

  12. by   MissdonditaBsn
    just testing
  13. by   MissdonditaBsn
    oohhh, looky Heather, what I just did.


    Thanks, yous so smart!!!!!!!

    AW! I feel like a proud mama!