Computer illiteracy

  1. <sigh> Almost decide to stay away from this computer today and have decided to not surf...or try to find some music I can download safely...went searching for a tune yesterday to download (have been trying to find the name of this song for a coupla months,finally figured it out,thus began my search)...well...I have never seen so many pop-ups,so in my frustration, I turned the durn thing OFF. Well,when I re-booted, there were icons on the screen that had not been there before...
    mostly porn and gambling sites ...hubby (computer literate) had to go into the hinterlands of the computer and erase a whole bunch of stuff...took half an hour...I feel so stoopid. I guess I will have to go and buy the entire CD for one song...I shall not surf or try to download again. Wahhhhhh!!!!!!!
    Thanks for letting me vent...and could I have some cheese and crackers with my whine????? :imbar
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    Hey suzanne! I can function on the computer for the things I need, but like you, it's my hubby that goes "into the hinterlands" (?) to do the complicated stuff.

    Some time ago he installed some free thing that eliminates those annoying pop-ups. I'll find out what it is from him and post a link later, or perhaps before that someone else here will do that too. But there are things that can be done!

  4. by   suzannasue
    Thanks Heather!!!
    By the way....a couple of months ago,an icon "appeared" on the screen for a "hot wet teen porno" site...took myself and hubby by surprize...I accused him of sickness and perversion...teenagers,I asked?????? Ick...well...we got a bill for $98 worth of on-line conversation and these ppl would not listen to the fact that neither of us had talked with any teenagers,dry, wet or any other way (BTW,neither of us were at home when the "conversation" took place)...have turned us over to collection agency for payment...but that's ok...have registered a complaint with the BBB of Texas and the FICA...
    I still have no idea how this sort of thing happens...perhaps my light bulb is gonna lightup one day!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. by   live4today
    Wow, suzannasue! What a terrible thing to have hanging over your head! There is sooooooooo much porno on the websites...all kind of popups....I don't know how those people get away with all that trash....especially when they advertise child porno. Where are the internet cops when this mess is happening. They could probably catch a whole lot of perverts who are loose on the streets right now if they would just spend some time tracking those nutcases on the websites promoting porno. Geez!
  6. by   thisnurse

    lots of software even YOU can download to get rid of popups and banners. im using one now called "noad"
    sometimes i get the shareware versions (free trials) and when they expire i just download another one and delete the first.

    there is a program called WINMX...its like napster. no ads, easy to use. thats where i get most of my music.

    the unwanted icon and porn charges arent that unusual. you dont even have to go to a porn site to get unwanted pop up will do the trick.
    there are so many cheesy scams online. one of my most hated is that damn comet cursor. ..its a sneaky tracking device used to watch your surfing habits.
    just be careful of what you click "yes" to and you wont have a problem.

    i LOVE the net