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  1. I'm not too bad at computer stuff but for the life of me I can't figure out how to get a photo small enough to use it as my avatar. I don't have a digital camera but I do have a scanner. I tried scanning a picture of myself and decreasing the size but when I try to use it, it's still too big. Do you have to have a digital camera?
    Any help would be appreciated.
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  3. by   CEN35

    i have a scanner, and use that fore everything including the pics off my web page. my scanner came with a program called photostudio 2000. most scanners come with something?

    ok under image size, when you try to readjust....make sure the box "keep aspect ratio" or somthing similar is checked.

    then don't change pixel size, or numbers of pixels. go to the percentage box, and the default is 100% (because that is the original). whenever you chnage the percentage, look at the pixel box's (one for horizontal, and one for vertical), they must both be less than 100 pixels, for the avitar to work.

    you will get the best pic, by getting the higher number, as close to 100 as possible. (i.e. at 50% it might be like? 110/90, then at 45% 90/80. so then try 47% which might be like? 102/92, then you would have to try 46%, which might be like? 100/90 to 97/87?)

    *also note: if the pic is wider than taller, the numbers may be reversed (i.e. 90/100).

    the key? the largest amount of pixels in any given direction, cannot exceed 100! why didn't i say that the first time? duhhhhh on me! :chuckle

    do ya get it kaycee?

    let me know!


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    Perfectly clear Rick!

  5. by   CEN35

    some thoughts after seeing heathers comment

    just email me the pic kaycee and i will do it for you!

  6. by   Mary Dover
    Kaycee, I had the same problem. I just kept trying and experimenting til I could figure something out. That's the only way I can learn computer stuff. What worked for me...hmmm....maybe I can explain this....I scanned the pic I wanted to use into the computer. Saved it in Documents under My Pictures. Then opened it up - on my computer when I open a pic that way it automatically opens in windows photo editor. There I changed the measurement units to pixels, and just kept shrinking and shrinking it til I could get it to work. Had to do it several times buy hey- at least I learned how. And now I do it all the time when I find things that I think will make cute avatars, lots of them have to be shrunk (or is it shrank?) hmmmm. LOL
  7. by   aimeee
    Here's a site where you can manipulate the size of your photos easily as well as many other features:
  8. by   kaycee
    Thanks guys, I'll try all this stuff when I have time. If I can't figure it out Rick I'll let you try it.
  9. by   Groovydogg
    When you say the picture is too large do you mean in physical size when printed or amount of space it takes up on a disk when saved? If it is a disk size problem, or trying to email a huge picture problem try saving it as a jpeg. Some scanners save as a bitmap (.BMP) and that is not a "small" way to save a picture.
  10. by   trishaLVN
    i just cant do it Captain........WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE PIXELS?!?!
    I was soooooooo way excited to be able to post my pic----but I cant figure it out!
    Those first instructions that Rick gave....ummm.....still strumming my lips with my finger on that one
    I'm not computer literate at ALL!! Im glad can turn it on
    any advice is GRRRRRReatly appreciated
  11. by   aimeee
    Trisha, I'll be happy to resize your pic if you email it to me.

    I might be able to walk you through the steps to do it yourself in the future but it works best if we are both online at the time because I'm sure there would be a lot of questions back and forth.

    Pixels are the little dots of color that make up the image on your screen. Most people have their screen resolution set at 800X600. In other words, there are 800 little tiny dots running across the screen, and 600 little tiny dots vertically. To use a picture as your avatar its dimension must be no more than 100X100 pixels.
  12. by   trishaLVN
    thank ya aimee