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  1. Can anyone recommend a database program? I want to put my caseload of pt's onto a database, to include being able to generate a letter or fax from the data entered, like a list of pt meds. I wan to be able to input meds, docs, diagnoses, etc...

    So far, in my limited expereince, I have only used access, which was designed with my input, but the DBA made it happen. I tried to start this at my last job, but access seems so difficult. Maybe it just takes time??

    Anyway, can anyone recommend any besides access, which costs $399, though if it was easy to use, I would pay more.

    Thanks for any advice.
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  3. by   Mariah
    Considering the sophisticated things you want to do, access is probably your best bet. A simplier database probably couldn't do what you want it to do. A more complicated database is just more complicated. Maybe others might know of other possibilities.