computer charting

  1. wow do I feel out of my element. computer charting in the OR is tough !!! I am not real fast on a keyboard on a good day. now I am doing it in the dark and on a time schedule. HEY Heather send some puter magic thoughts my way. Day 4 and still loving my new Job. great people, and you wouldn't believe the team work if I told you
    Thank You Lord
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  3. by   RNforLongTime
    Glad you like your new job Marci! You'll get better with the computer charting over time!
  4. by   night owl
    After a while, it's a piece of cake!
  5. by   shudokan-RN
    mmmmm cake lol
  6. by   BadBird
    I love computer charting, I dread when I work on a unit that still has paper charting.
  7. by   aimeee
    I feel for you! I'm sure it will get better in time. Getting through that learning curve time is the tough part. We are just getting ready to implement computer charting and I know for a while it is going to take longer, but in the long run it will save us time and save a lot of trees too!
  8. by   night owl
    I don't know about saving those trees Amy, it seems that there's alot of waste especially when you are trying to, say, pull up a ward report for the lab collection for the next day and you enter something wrong which I have done and instead of getting only your unit's results, you wind up getting the entire printout for the whole facility. In my case it was the print out for the entire VA system! I was frantic trying to figure out how to stop the printer, but after it printed over 100 pages, we were finally able to cancel the job. After awhile you do learn from your mistakes and then you move on. But I absolutely love computer charting. If the computers are down for some reason when it's medication time you have to print out the meds and then sign them all because you can't enter them into the computer. We had all kinds of problems in the beginning, but eventually they get ironed out and then you really start to like the system... when it's working.
  9. by   aimeee
    We had a problem something like that one day too! The printer was printing out page after page after page of something and nobody could figure out where it was coming from or how to cancel it!!