Community Mourns Loss Of Local Physician

  1. The Chester County medical community mourned the loss of a local physician as word traveled Monday of the tragic death of Dr. F. William Maguire over the weekend.
    Maguire, 56, of Lincoln University, was killed Friday in an automobile accident in Lancaster County.

    "He was a sincere, honest individual," said Dr. Rodger Rothenberger, coroner of Chester County. The sentiment was shared by many.

    "He was dedicated to the community," said county jury commissioner Sandra Moser, who served with Maguire on the county's Board of Health.

    Maguire's role on the board was just one of a long list of community activities in which he participated.

    A graduate of Penn State University and The Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, Maguire did his internal medicine residency at Wilmington Medical Center, now Christiana Hospital, in Delaware. For the last 23 years he practiced internal medicine at Jennersville Regional Hospital in Penn, formerly the Southern Chester County Medical Center.

    He served as a board member of the Pennsylvania State Troopers Camp Cadet and the Board of Health, a president of the Chester County Medical Society and as a deputy coroner for the southern part of the county.

    Maguire also helped start the Avon Grove Wildcats football organization.

    "He was an extremely hardworking individual," said Rothenberger. "..My office has been inundated with calls from people whose lives he touched."

    Dr. David Callahan, who shared an office with Maguire, remembered him for his sense of humor and larger-than-life qualities.

    "Many of his actions were unsung," he said, listing Maguire's involvement with area sports teams, the state troopers camp and work in getting advanced life support into the county in the 1980s.

    "He was one of those people I thought would be invincible," Callahan said.

    While Maguire's interests spread beyond the medical community to include extensive stonework projects at his home, Callahan said medicine was never far from his mind. "I remember when he was in Bermuda on vacation and he decided to go to the local hospital. ..He was always curious about everything," he said.

    Larry Spaid, former president of the Southern Chester County Medical Center, first met Maguire when he recruited the physician to work at the hospital. In addition to having neighboring offices, Maguire and Spaid worked on hospital programs together, saw the construction of the first office building through and later shared a doctor-patient relationship when Spaid faced health problems.

    "He was always working to be a good physician," said Spaid.

    "He was very concerned about public health in the county and community," added David Jackson, of the Chester County Health Department.

    This concern and interest, said Moser, was evident in Maguire's involvement. "Doctors lead very busy lives," she said. "To go on and do these other things like serve on the board of health ..those are way above and beyond the average commitment to the community."

    Maguire is survived by his wife, Carol Martin; four children, Matthew, Kevin, Michael and Kristin; his mother, Elizabeth Morris Maguire of Havertown; two sisters, Betty Ann Binstead of Narberth and Elaine Kaskela of Yeadon; and a brother, Mark Maguire of Bryn Mawr.
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    Sorry for your loss.
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    Very sad to lose someone so suddenly...............