Common Wealth and the 'Entirely Self-Made' Myth

  1. One opinion. I don't think he is all wrong.
    Common Wealth and the 'Entirely Self-Made' Myth

    ...To see what's wrong with this idea, it's easiest to start with criteria that ought to disqualify a person from claiming to be "entirely self-made." After we've applied these criteria, we can see who's left in the pool. So, then, let us scratch from the list of the self-made anyone whose accumulation of wealth has been aided by any of the following:
    * Laws concerning property or contracts, and the public agencies that enforce such laws
    * Public schools or employees educated in public schools
    * Employees or customers who rely on public transportation
    * Roads, bridges, airports, sewers, water treatment plants, harbors, or other utilities built and maintained at public expense
    * Mail systems built and operated at public expense
    * Public hospitals and government-licensed physicians
    * Health and safety regulations created and enforced at public expense
    * Police and fire protection provided at public expense
    * Public libraries and parks
    * Any public amenities that add value to commercial or residential real estate
    * Government contracts
    * Government-provided business incentives
    * Regulatory agencies, such as the Federal Trade Commission or the Securities and Exchange Commission, that sustain trust in the stock market
    * A government-granted license permitting the exclusive use of a broadcast channel
    * The Internet
    * A form of currency legitimated and backed by a stable government
    * Social welfare programs that keep the poor from rebelling
    * The U.S. military...