Coming to your hometown..courtesy of Sadham

  1. Disliking violence, I have struggled with this whole war thing. Watching this tribute today, the following occurred to me..
    Osama destroyed my homeland and left a deep scar..he was NOT a "leader".
    Sadham has political power, he has money..he has resources. Just imagine what he can do with what he already has...I shudder to think what he will do if we don't stop him now. Seeing 9-11 was heartshattering...that was several hundred
    miles from MY home. I don't want to sit back and let Sadham destroy MY home...or yours.

    This takes a few minutes to's worth the wait.
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  3. by   nursecheryl
    Thanks, I took the time to download it and found it well worth the time. I agree with you. I don't live in new york. I live in ohio. But, we are all one. I consider every one of the 50 states part of me and it broke my heart to see what happened.