Comfy clothes...

  1. I have dragged out the colder weather, indoor comfy clothes and am amazed at myself! You see, the pair of sweats that I love dearly are about 10 years old and have ink stains, tears, holes... but they are my favorites!! And if no one sees me in them...

    Now, I have bought other sweats of the same kind, size etc. but for some reason I like THIS pair. And I like the T-shirt that has paint on it....

    Do any of you wear almost rags around the house just cuz you love them??? LOL
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  3. by   live4today
    Yes....I am known to do that, so is my husband. We both have our favorite "rags" to wear around the house. He wants to get rid of mine, and I want to get rid of his, yet we both enjoy the "rags" we own to wear indoors, and don't want to throw them out yet. :chuckle

    I had this Tweety bird t-shirt that I just loved to wear and wear and wear...... It finally got soooooooo tattered, there was barely anything left to wear at all. I hated throwing out that Tweety bird shirt, but even I had to admit it was past time to say goodbye to it. I went to WalMart and purchased me a brand new Tweety bird it's not the same color or the same feel, but it's still a Tweety Bird tshirt. I love that silly little bird! :chuckle

    My husband has a pair of shorts that have bleach stains on them. They look awful, yet he loves wears them and wears them and wears them.....
  4. by   nakitamoon
    Vsummer,,,, I have my fav,, summer comfy's,,,, & winter comfy's,,, & I am not throwing them away!!!!!!! lol

    I am lucky to have a few of each that I love to wear,,,, So as soon as I get home and out of tub,,,, I have bra off~~~ ahhhhh and comfy's on,,,,

    Probably shouldnt' but do go outside in them,,, well in the yard,,,,

    New comfy's are not the same,,,, ~~kitamoon
    It's that same white baby tees (that are now a dingy looking shade of off-white) and old scrubs that I wear around the house. Some pairs of scrubs are just softer than others, and even though they have holes in weird places, I continue to wear them!

    Definitely..................I'm with Heather..........especially now that none of my regular clothes fit 2 fav outfits for home are a paint-stained blue pair of DRAWSTRING scrub pants with an oversized t-shirt..............or a black cotton pair of yoga pants and my long-sleeved Race for the Cure T. MMMMMMMMMMMm.............already can't wait to get home from work at 7:30 tonight and put them on!
    LMAO Shelly! I can't wait to get home and put them on either! And I dream about my big fuzzy slippers as I walk to the parking garage!

  8. by   SHELLYBELLYRN fav slippers are Moose...............complete with antlers!
    My favorites are these big puffy ones I get at Target. I wear them until my toes stick out the front. My little guy got me a new pair for my birthday - purple!

  10. by   Heather333
    I have these really comfy flannel pajama pants from Old Navy that I got a couple of Christmas' ago. They are so soft and worn in....I wear that with an old paint stained tee-shirt I have had forever....

    I hate being uncomfortable so I have a no bra and no shoes rule when I'm at home....except when there's company, of course!

    Glad to know I'm not the only one who likes being comfy

  11. by   aimeee
    I once had a pair of pastel green Oshkosh B'gosh bibs. Wore those babies until the seat of the pants was transparent!
  12. by   bagladyrn
    Have to admit it - I still have, and occasionally wear (when no one's around) a tie-dyed men's undershirt I got in San Francisco in 1970! Now you all know how far back I go!
  13. by   Whisper
    I have a pair of track suit bottoms that I love to wear, they are so comfy... I can't wear them outside of the house though becasue they have holes in... I have to hide them from my dad or he would throw them away.

    and my favourite pair of womble slipper socks!
  14. by   adrienurse
    I have a pair of sheepskin slippers that I wore holes through at the toes. I Love them. I Retired them to my parents place because I have walking on their cold ceramic tile.

    I retire my "second skin" clothing to wear to bed most of the time. I have my favorite green cartigan that I bought in the ninth grade that I love. My old tazmanian devil t-shirt that I wear to bed. I used to have a patch work batik men's shirt that I got in highschool that I wore until it was holey -- I miss that shirt!