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  1. Anyone living in this area want to make a new friend? I am a home health/hospice RN..........\

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  3. by   OHmom2boys
    Did you just move here? I live just south of you. Well, actually it's about 60 miles south, but I make the trip to Columbus quite often to Children's Hospital with my son.
  4. by   OHmom2boys
    Also, I saw your post about this job. Are you going to keep it? I here Mt. Carmel is a good place to work. I know they are wonderful with their patients.
  5. by   renerian
    I applied at MT. Carmel and turned down a job for another job which turned out to be horrible so I left there. Now they won't give me the opportunity to interview again. Sad and that was over a year ago. Can I ask why you come to Childrens? It is a wonderful hospital. I would apply there but I never had any peds past school. I would really be a fish out of water.....

  6. by   OHmom2boys
    My son has an anoxic brain injury due to a near drowning. He is amazing. Doing great! They called him "Miracle Boy" during his nearly 3 month stay there. We still see the neuro, physical medicine, and neuropsych. He goes on Oct. 10th for an OT eval. I love that place! Apply! You never know! It's a great place....the nurses there are awesome! Had a PICU nurse who told the docs they were being too loud and Jacob did NOT need the stimulation. She was a tiger when it came to Jacob. Even made me leave the room once when my presence was causing more agitation. She said he knew I was there and didn't understand why I wasn't doing anything to help him. That was awful, but I know she did it for Jacob. He was sedated and I was allowed to come back.
    I can't believe Mt. Carmel won't even let you interview now...especially considering how they are begging for nurses. Hospitals are funny that way, aren't they. I turned down a job at a hospital today and asked if it would hurt my chance for future employment there and she told me to speak to the nurse recruiter about that. I'll take that as a YES!
    Good luck in your new job....and maybe think about applying at Children's. Jake and I could have a new friend to visit during our trips up there.
  7. by   renerian
    Thanks in the good luck wish. that is so sad what happened to your son...........a big hug to you! He is still there then? Gosh when do they think he can come home? Poor guy........

    I will pray for him,

  8. by   OHmom2boys
    No NO!! He's not there now. He spent close to 3 months there. He went from PICU to the neuro unit to the rehab unit. This was in 2000. He's now home and doing pretty great! We just make frequent trips to see the different docs up there.
    They have a brand new rehab unit! That would be a great unit to work on. It's amazing to watch the change in kids like Jacob as they get well. At the time I didn't see it, because all I could see was the injury and the things he COULDN'T do. But one doc is in a wheelchair (not sure why) and one day we were watching Jacob walk the "balance beam", which was a 2x4 on the floor, and she looked at me and said "THIS is what I live for. To see a child like Jacob go from doing nothing to walking." That day I realized what that must be like for her. She can't walk, but she lives to help children walk again. I will NEVER be able to say enough good about that place.
  9. by   OHmom2boys
    Thanks for the prayer. I believe that is why he is alive today. There was no other reason my son should have lived through the night.
    Check out his site, it has his story and some pictures from his time in the hospital. There's one of him in his vail bed. I hated that thing. I had to zip him in it just to go 8' to the bathroom. When he was able to talk again he would say, "Please don't zip me in mommy." But I had to, he still had NO impulse control or concept of danger and would try to dive out of the bed head first!!!!!
  10. by   renerian
    Wow how scarey..........................................I would have been sick....................I am glad he is doing better......he must have had an angel...............

  11. by   l.rae
    Renee, l live about 90 min so. of Columbus....OHMom....where are you?....LR
    from Toledo!

    All of us Ohio nurses should pick a location central to all of us and have lunch!

  13. by   renerian
    I am game for that heather..........lets see who else comes forward........

  14. by   OHmom2boys
    I'll come! I'm from the bottom of the state! Pretty close to the Ohio River. I'd love to meet you both!