1. Okay, so I've been reading a lot about a product called Colonix. Has anyone ever heard of it. I'm thinking about trying it, but would like to know if anyone else has tried it and what benefits or adverse reactions they had. Um, I hope this thread doesnt send people running the other direction!!
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  3. by   texas_lvn
    havent heard of it, but interested to hear stories!!!!
  4. by   pegbord
    hmmm, well, it's a herbal colon-cleasing and parasite-ridding regimen that i want to try. lots of stories on different health sites, most of them quite positive. the stories get rather graphic with elaborate details - some actually quite hilarious. those other sites are not nurse-based, and i think i'd feel a better hearing comments from nurse-educated folks --- i mean, since it's dealing with colons and the contents thereof. . . .
  5. by   pegbord
    No holistic nurses out there??
  6. by   bethin
    Read an article in the Times about it awhile ago. I know alot of famous people do it to lose weight before award shows. It can (according to the article) cause electrolyte imbalances, dehydration and things along those lines. I would think it's ok if you're healthy and you're not going to be doing it every month.
  7. by   pegbord
    Thanks for your reply Bethin. This is not a weight loss thing. It is a detox colon cleansing product that supposedly provides many benefits such as skin clearing, constipation-releiving, regularity-producing, parasite-killing, promotes good intestinal flora . . .

    Since I've been on new meds, I am sooo constipated and have tried several different methods to get "regular" again, but to no avail. I don't want to take any more meds - hate all the side effects, and don't want to become dependent on stool softeners while on these meds. This product is all herbal and lasts from 1 - 3 months.

    This product was rated #1 detox system by several health-conscious natural publications. We are so much trained in western medicine (as nurses in this country), that the integration of complementary modalities is often tossed to the side. I am in nursing school and while I am grateful for all that I am learning, I don't want to forget about remedies/modalities that are natural and effective.

    Problem is, I don't know much about colonics (in this case, colonix) and research seems to be biased depending on western perspective or non-traditional perspective. While I have much respect for research that the drug companies do, I am also aware that the money just isn't there for research that involves herbal products that don't require scripts from docs or ARNP's. I am inclined to try this program, but am hesitant only because it lacks scientific backing (which only means that western medicine has no reason (economical, anyway) to waste time researching it). Thanks for taking the time to read this! ----- more prune juice on the way! :smile:
  8. by   Jessy_RN
    Quote from pegbord
    Okay, so I've been reading a lot about a product called Colonix. Has anyone ever heard of it. I'm thinking about trying it, but would like to know if anyone else has tried it and what benefits or adverse reactions they had. Um, I hope this thread doesnt send people running the other direction!!
    Me, me! I use colonix and LOVE it. I have really bad IBS and this has been a lifesaver

    I do the 3 month program a year and the rest I use the fiber. I have had no adverse effects and nothing but positives.
  9. by   Jessy_RN
    By the way, if you don't feel comfy posting..........PM and we could talk more about the program.
  10. by   pegbord
    Future! OMG someone out there knows what I'm talking about!! Yippeeee!!! How long have you been using this system? Does it work for you the same each year? I am just so excited to find someone who is trained via the same perspective as me (nursing - western) who has used this.

    Do you get headaches in the beginning? Do you find yourself needing to make sure that you were near the loo throughout the days? Do you also use the probiotics that are recommended? What do you make of the comments from "skeptics" who denounce the program? Do you find the effects different on the first month, second, and third months?

    OMG - I am just so excited to know someone on this forum knows about this product and has used it with good results!!!!!!!! Thank you for replying - I'm eager to know more!
  11. by   Jessy_RN
    2.5 yrs! yes, i got headaches at the beginning due to my caffeine withdrawal. i still drink coffee but only in the mornings. in about 3 days the energy starts to surge and you will feel great!!

    i got my husband to do it with me for 3 months and he had great results as well. his skin was literally glowing and he had much more energy.

    i do it because of my ibs but have seen many more positives to go with it. about the skeptics, as long as the earth is round, there will always be skeptics for everything.

    i am the type that tries things and draw my own conclusions. all i can say is that for me, the program is priceless and i will continue to use it.

    by the way, i have lost over 170 lbs by eating healthier and excercising. this has helped me to stick with it.

    good luck!

    here is a link to my before and after pics:
  12. by   LauraF, RN
    Jess- You look great.

    Pegboard- Please be careful about dehydration. I knew a guy who did this and did it monthly. Heaven help the person who went into the bathroom after him. He got really sick and required hospitalization. I think because he did it too often. He gave them to his mother too, and kept her diabetes in check, not sure the scientificness of that, but I saw her blood sugars before and after. My daughter takes Miralax with good results for constipation.
  13. by   pegbord
    FutureJess, You look terrific!!!! if weight-loss accompanies this program, all the better!! I am really focusing on total health (and constipation relief) - your pics make me want to order this stuff stat!!

    LPN,RNNOW, Thank you for the post. I can't imagine doing the entire program for months on end - seems too harsh. The company says to use the products for one - three months max, then if still necessary, take the fiber - but not to continue with the rest of the program. If your friend continued after three months, seems he wasn't following the directions!

    Staying hydrated is one of the things that the company stresses the importance of; without it - seems it would only serve to compound the constipation (the last thing I need)!

    Hmmm . . . not sure how it worked with the diabetes, maybe the regimen allowed her to stick to a healthier program all around. The colonix is also suppose to help with issues of candida - would candida exacerbate issues with diabetes?

    If anyone else was interested in trying this product out - I would love to compare results along the way. If I could get 1/4 the benefit that FutureJess got/gets, I'd muse a happy dance and delightfully display my own pics!!
  14. by   pegbord
    hmmm. . . I was thinking that the diabetes you control you mentioned may be due to the effect of colonix reducing/eliminating sugar cravings for many. Many users of this product have also reported getting a deeper and more satisfying sleep - which could result in the increased energy (which is also reported by users), which, in turn, prompts more physical activity, healthier lifestyle . . . all related to diabetes control. Just a thought . . .