Collecting Pillowcases for our Soldiers

  1. from pa nurses assoc. enewsletter:

    collecting pillowcases for our soldiers

    pa state nurses association president patrick e. kenny, edd, rn, acrn, cna, bc, c is asking for your help to assist wounded soldiers.

    kenny (director of nursing education and research at penn presbyterian medical center) is spearheading the "superhero" pillowcase campaign. he requests your participation to make a wounded soldier's recovery a little better with this comfort from home. kenny notes, this small token has gone a long way for the soldiers recovery by making them feel a little better and think of home when dealing with pain, surgery and rehab.

    how can you help?
    go to your local retailer, such as target, k-mart or walmart and buy "superhero" pillowcases. some of the "super heroes include: spider-man, x-men, superman, batman, superwoman, fantastic four, ghost rider, hulk, sin city, transformers, v for vendetta, hellboy, blade, marvel, captain america, green lantern, etc. the pillowcases retail for less than $5 notes kenny.

    please click on the link below to print out a suggested "thank you page" and then mail the print out with the pillowcases to the address on the printout. the soldiers would like to know where the pillowcases come from and it shows your support for our soldiers.

    click here to print this page and get the mailing address...

    thank in you in advance for your support!
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  3. by   kitty29
    Nothing to do with pillow cases - but did anyone see on the news that service men are using silly-string to help them know if a enterance is wirered with bombs? Someone is organizing a drive collecting all they can so every unit has enough!
  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Yes, Mercyteapot posted a news story about that silly string strategy some time back. I admire those brave souls.
  5. by   bethin
    Deb, you got a link for that silly string? I tried a search and turned up zip.

    Will be buying a pillow case. Thanks!