Collateral Damage?

  1. I saw this clip on tv news, but it was shocking in realtime, let alone slow motion.
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  3. by   Mkue
    Don, is there suppose to be a video with the article?

    thanks, mkue
  4. by   2ndCareerRN
    Any idea of where the video can be found?

    I will reserve judgement till I get a chance to see it.

  5. by   StuPer
    I did see this film on the news here in Oz.... while you cannot see the source of the shot, the only excuse for it would be if the tank that fired the round missed a military target. All you saw were 2 firemen doing what firemen the world over do.... putting their lives in danger to protect people and property. Of course when there are bullets flyng round your ears it would add 'spice'. Anyway... while trying to put out the fire there is a sudden explosion on the ground near the fireman... one runs into the shelter or the opposite building and the other is staggering a little when the film ends..... not a good day for middle east relations at all.
    regards StuPer
  6. by   donmurray
    Sorry, no clip, but StuPer's description is as I remember it. The camera crew were probably beside the fire engine, and were opposite the burning building.
  7. by   Mkue
    The image was indelible. The Palestinian fireman who a moment before had stood fearlessly in the open as the gunfire echoed, aiming a hose at a building in flames, crumpling to the ground as shrapnel burst all around him. That was the unforgettable scene of yesterday's Israeli incursion into the Gaza Strip, the death of Naji Abu Jalili as he tried to douse a burning building.


    That is very sad Don, he was doing his job.
  8. by   fergus51
    Reminiscent of our own firefighters and no less sad. Unfortunately Israel and the occupied territories are never going to be safe places to live. I say we give people a month to evacuate and just blow the whole place to pieces so there would be nothing left for them to fight over.
  9. by   maureeno
    some people fear during a war with Iraq
    Israel will force the expulsion
    of Palestinians
    out of the West Bank
    and into Jordan.
    an opinion poll last year showed
    47% Israelis in favor of this...