Colin Powell at the United Nations today:

  1. I watched the evening news and it showed reruns of Powell addressing the U.N. Security Council today. The place was packed. And Colin is holding this vial of liquid in his right hand and saying: "if Sodom (thats how he pronounced it....remember Bush # 1 used to say Sa-DAMN'?) anyhow, Colin is shaking this vial up and down & saying, "If Sodom has ONLY this much anthrax, ......just as much anthrax as is in this vial.............."""

    I don't recall what else he said, because then..the camera's scanned the faces of the representatives from the worlds' governments at that moment.............and I had to laugh ! 1/2 of them looked at Powell like he was a madman if there really was anthrax in that vial, and the other 1/2 , by their body language and facial expressions thought they were watching a very bad "cowboy" grade B movie. A couple made eye contact with other members and slightly shook their heads...