Colds suck.

  1. Just b****ing. My husband and everybody I work with has some heinous cold. Now they've infected me with all their germs. ICK!!

    Colds suck.

    SOOOOOOO....what remedies does everyone out there like? I personally favor the vaporizer, Afrin 12 hour spray, and alka-seltzer cough/cold. I cannot STAND not being able to breathe through my nose!!
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  3. by   tiger
    colds do suck. even worse the dreaded sinus infection. hate to call off work when i'm really sick. actually i haven't called off in over a year. if i do take medicine i pick up whatever--nyquil, formula 44d, alka seltzer.. last time i had to break down and get an antibiotic. felt like i was going to die!!!!!!!!!don't take antiobiotics unless absolutely necessary.
  4. by   kaycee
    I like the congested, stuffy head, sore throat, coughing, aching, fever so you can sleep medicine.
    NyQuil. It's that little bit o alcohol that helps.
    In the day time I take Advil Cold and Sinus. It doesn't make me feel like a medicine head.
    Also what works well to prevent a cold coming on if you can stand the taste is Coldeeze lozengers.
    My husband swears by them. I personally can't stand the taste.
    Hope you feel better soon!!
  5. by   Jenny P
    I'm suffering from a really rotten cold too, right now. I first felt it coming on working Friday night 12 hour shift, and tried to use zinc lozenges which are supposed to help. By the next night, my voice was dipping into the bass range and my thraot was so scratchy. Totally slept through both Sunday and Monday (my days off)! Should have gone to work tonight, but still sniffling and snorting like crazy--- I'd like to know how bad this cold would have been IF I wouldn't have been taking the zinc lozenges LOL!
    I'm now trying the Niquil/Dayquil stuff, and they aren't working much either! And when you work nights, which should you take when? LOL
  6. by   debbyed
    Just missed 2 days of work due to this grung...Have been living on Niquil/Dayquil. I really,really,really hate these early season colds.
  7. by   lpnandloveit1
    okay here is how to cure this beastly cold. I used this method last week and it worked. 1 lots of water and oj of course2 put your jammies on grab a couple of pillows settle down in bed with a hot cup of tea and some pills watch tv or read a book and here is the best part, start complaining to anyone in earshot. tell them how miserable you are demand mor tea juice oj and attention. Blame all of your family members and in general make a complete pt of yourself. you don't shake the cold any faster but it is a lot of fun. this only works about 1 time a year and only for 1 or 2 hours even then.
  8. by   Q.
    I just got over a horrible sinus infection - congestion, post-nasal drip, everything! My biggest cure is taking a hot bath with eucalyptus oil. Clears the sinuses right up and makes you feel better.

    Aveda sells all kinds of oils - geranium on your bedsheets makes you sleep better too. Very relaxing.
  9. by   NRSKarenRN
    Swear by Coldeeze with Zinc. Must start as soon as symptoms occur. They come in different flavors now, including non-sugar formula. Also a sniff of Vapor rub or Mineral Ice helps open up sinuses along with HOT Tea with lemon or Green Tea and of course inhaling /eating Chicken Soup.

    I also try lpnandloveninit1 's treatment at least once a year. Now oldest son using that treatment too. LOL.