C'mon Vacation!

  1. I have been putting off my vacation for so long, mostly due to work issues, and we have finally set a date to get away.
    We are planning a week in San Diego!
    The kids have been bugging to go see the ocean so we have made our reservations for Oct 12 and I plan on doing a lot of hanging out on the beach and playing with the kids.
    They are very excited to see the ocean and so are we.
    5 weeks and counting down!
    I also could stand to lose 15 pounds and figure that this is as good a time as any. Maybe I can drop them before I go. I'm currently at 185 (heaviest ever) and would love to get back to 170.
    Any wt loss tips? I've never dieted before but I've heard of all sorts of plans such as only eat meat, go heavy on carbs.
    I'm open for suggestions.
    I'm also open for any San Diego tips. Fun things to do? Whats the best family beach etc...
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  3. by   prn nurse
    Rusty, I thought your Labor Day weekend sounded like a vacation. And especially the New Mexico scenery and envoironment.... vacation 365 days a year !

    San Diego....sounds wonderful. I haven't been there but have lotsa friends who have and all reports are fabulous.

    Dieting: Skip fruit...only 1 or 2 servings per day...e.g. 1/2 banana or 1 small peach or 10 grapes = one serving.
    No chocolate, no ice creams or desserts.
    Nothing "white"... No pasta, potatoes, bread..............
    Nothing fried.
    Your protein needs.... tuna...a small can salmon 99 cents...eggs, poached , scrambled, or boiled. toss out all but one yolk and eat all the whites you want.
    Skim milk....not > 16 oz per day...

    You lose weight eating vegetables........... go to the grocery and stock up on green beans 3 cans /$100, spinach...(You wanta lose weight, don't you? add vinegar or pepper sauce), lettuce, celery, tomatoes, avacado, ............I use my food processor to chop the whole stalk of celery and then mix it with a dozen boiled egg whites (One yolk for color and taste), and some mayo. Put it on only one slice ww bread....You can definitely fill up and for very few calories.

    Why do you think all those trays at the hospital have green beans and spinach?? Low cost, zero calories, and cheap.

    Drink minimum one gal of h2o daily. every time you get hungry...stir one tablespoon metamucil into a very large glass of water and drink up ! Learned that one on Oprah and a weight watchers ad. Frequently we eat when we are actually thirsty.
    Speaking of thirsty.....No alcohol...

    Sounds crummy I guess, but you'll be 12 # lighter by vacation day...
    and........ don't eat til your stomach growls and then, ..... have the big glass of h20 first..
    no eating while watching t.v. or on the computer...and no solid food after 6 p.m. on days off...
    Hope you and your family have a wonderful vacation !
  4. by   Jenny P
    Rusty, I was in san Diego a couple of years ago for an ANA convention, and my Aunt and Uncle out there took me and my roommate (For the convention) to the San Diego Zoo. FANTASTIC! They also took me to Old Town, the Navy base (where I got to go on a carrier-- Uncle is a retired Navy Commander-- if there is any way at all you can go there,- DO THAT! They do have tours at times!), the old hotel along the beach (sorry, can't remember the name, but it's the one with the red roof and wonderful interiors), and they also took me to a reservation up in the mountains where there was a casino (which we didn't go to) but they had a water/light/and legend show that was really TERRIFIC-- and FREE! (I still want to know where that Indian Dancer went when the fire and water enveloped him!!!)

    Those were things I really enjoyed there; I HATED Tijuana and wish I would have skipped that trip. I hope some of the San Diego friends can tell you what the names of those places are.
  5. by   WashYaHands
    Hope you have a wonderful time and a much needed vacation. Sea World is a fun favorite.

  6. by   kaycee
    SanDiego os beautiful I had a great time there and I hope you and your family do too.
    I also loved the SanDiego Zoo!!!!
    Enjoy the amazing beach sunsets!!!!!
  7. by   shygirl
    Take me with you! I'm sure your family won't mind. Besides, there are so many of you that you probably wont even notice I am there!

  8. by   live4today
    Rustyhammer.....I love your family photo, and I wish I could go along as your San Diego guide because California is my favorite state of all to visit and live.

    The ocean is absolutely beautiful all up and down the coastline. Take your family on an ocean scenic route up and down Hwy 101 and have a great time! You'll go through beach towns called La Jolla, Encinitas, Carlsbad (my favorite), and Oceanside. All are very nice places to hang out and catch some rays, wade in the ocean, walk on the beach, and eat at the best tasting fish eateries. You can do all that in say....less than a 30 minute drive.....but can make a day of it by stopping at all the beaches along the way.

    If you go to Carlsbad, stop and eat at the outdoor fish place right there on the beach. Mmmmm...deelicious! If you make it to Oceanside Beach, go to the Pier where you can shop in the gift shops and eat at the best Fish Market there.

    I'm going to cry if I keep thinking about my favorite place to live, so go and have a blast! :kiss
  9. by   lindalee
    Be sure to take a look at this site:


    This was a favorite visiting spot for my son for years. You will enjoy it too should you choose to pay a visit! Enjoy your visit. San Diego is a beautiful city. We live about 70-80 miles north of San Diego.
  10. by   Rustyhammer
    Originally posted by shygirl
    Take me with you! I'm sure your family won't mind. Besides, there are so many of you that you probably wont even notice I am there!

    I'll take you if you promise to wear sunglasses.
    I'm developing a twitch.
  11. by   prn nurse
    Isn't Balboa Park...zoo...the one with panda's? It is the most famous zoo in the U.S., supposedly the best...
  12. by   dianah
    I visited San Diego in May on a whirlwind overnighter with my son's class (5th and 6th grades). I don't know what you prefer to do/see, but I suggest you either write to the Chamber of Commerce, contact AAA or try online for the city's website (not entirely sure they even have one, but have a hunch). A lot depends on how much $$ you want to spend.
    Here's a recap of what WE did in two days (includes free critique, based on my personal tastes):

    Day One:
    Cabrillo Monument and Beach (tidepools); Tidepools neet, took a small walk up to the site of the first lighthouse, on a point near the museum. That was kinda cool, to see how the folks lived who inhabited the lighthouse (it's all fixed up to display period furniture in each of several rooms). That is all free.
    San Diego Mission (Mission San Diego de Alcala, which was named a minor basilica by the Pope in 1976); went on the docent-guided tour (they needed a more kid-and-bored-adult-friendly docent for our group!!). I happen to enjoy old buildings and their stories, so I enjoyed it all. The kids, when polled at the end of the trip, hailed this stop as their favorite -- WHEN IT ENDED!!!
    Old Town; again, old buildings from the beginnings of San Diego. Grab a map. Check out Whaley House (oldest brick structure in S.D., supposed to be haunted; it was closed by the time we reached it so we couldn't go in). We walked up San Diego Ave (away from Old Town), and ate dinner at a Old Town Mexican Cafe (opposite side of street from Whaley House) that served HAND-MADE tortillas (could watch em being formed/heated from the street, in the front window). Yummy!!
    Seaport Village; wandered around shops/restaurants. If you like Ben and Jerry's ice cream, they have an ice cream shop in the Village.
    Day Two:
    San Diego Natural History Museum; choice of movies included w/admission. When we visited the two were: Ocean Oasis and When Dinosaurs Roamed America (w/selections from the Discovery Channel special). Don't know what the featured exhibit will be; check out www.sdnhm.org. Check out the HUGE spreading old tree in front of the museum.
    San Diego Zoo; always interesting (my boys love the Monitor lizard and the Komodo dragon) - don't know if Mei, the Panda baby born at the zoo, will have gone (back to China) by then; parent pandas still at San Diego. Enjoyed hearing stories about tricks the elephants play on visitors, out of boredom. A lot of the animals are given a new toy or toys every day, to keep them occupied and happy.
    The Zoo and Natural History Museum are in Balboa Park which has a lot to see, just in and of itself. The Coronado Hotel (or Hotel Coronado) is the one mentioned in the above post. Seen pix, never been there. Look up the Old Spaghetti Factory for one of your meals. If you've never been, go. If you have been, and like it (!) there is one in San Diego. If you've been and don't like it, don't go, suit yourself (so profound).
    Sea World, as other posters have mentioned, is a must to visit, if you have the funds. Great shows/exhibits. I don't think one could see it all in one day . . . Sorry I don't know more about family-friendly beaches. Perhaps another poster will help you there. Haven't been other than the above and one other time, so haven't spent leisurely beach exploring time. There is a trolley line (Red Trolley, I believe) that takes you all over the main areas of San Diego, for not much $$. If you want a different trip, take the Amtrak Coaster up the coast to some of the other beaches (Carlsbad, Oceanside, . . .). Don't hafta drive!
    Everyone I have talked to who has been to San Diego LOVES it, all say something good about its climate, have heard more than one person sigh and say they'd like to live/retire there . . .
    If you like ghost stories, see if you can locate hmmm . . . . a tour of supposedly haunted houses. You're picked up in a bus converted to look like a hearse, driver wearing black clothes and stovepipe hat, carries lantern. (tour goes during day or nite, your choice). To old part of cemetary, where driver tells stories of persons buried there, then on to 2 or 3 old houses with stories behind each one . . . one is the Whaley House, where sometimes the docent joins in with personal anecdotes. The writer of the article I read said it was the BEST money she and daughter had spent there, thoroughly enjoyed it. Sorry, don't remember the name of the tour. . . I'll see what I can find on the web.
    Sorry so long post. PM if you want more. Have a good time!! -- D
  13. by   CATHYW
    Can't give any tips, but just have a great time!
  14. by   LasVegasRN
    I certainly hope you are swinging by Vegas on your way!