CLEPing anyone

  1. i know, wrong forum...but i also know i am more likely to get responses here, but also posting in student nursing forum....

    anyone got info on cleping? i've been out of school for a decade..pondering going back....looking at!!!!
    i am so nervous!!! i know i got the smarts....but this is a huge step for me...
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  3. by   researchrabbit
    CLEPs are great if you can pass 'em. They save you time and money. Of course, it's wasted money if you don't pass.

    My CLEPs were 21 years old when I went back for my RN. They are only good for 20 years (I can't begin to tell you how frustrating that was!).

    I tried retaking one but failed so decided to just take the freakin' classes. Some of them I did by correspondence (I put one of those classes off for so long that I had to take all five exams in one day. I thought the instructor was going to come unglued. I did pass, though -- with an A yet -- which tells you something about how easy some classes are).

    I did manage to weasel out of English though.

    I think there are some prep books now that you can get at bookstores to help you study for CLEPs.

    I'd recommend taking CLEPs that are skill based (English, Algebra) over those that are fact-based (History; Psychology and Sociology also ask a lot of "who" questions) unless you are just a whiz at the particular subject.

    The questions are multiple choice (unless you go for more than 3 hours of English, in which case you will probably write an essay. As long as you are grammatically correct, use good spelling, form, and have a cohesive argument, you'll pass that too -- they don't expect deathless prose from you).

    You can take more than one CLEP in a day if you want. Call the school, ask when they give 'em. It's easy to sign up. I think you just have to have a 60% to get the credit for most subjects (it varies by test; some are as low as 55%, some are higher).
  4. by   sunnygirl272
    thanks much...this helps alot...i am thinking about doing the class part of upgrading to my rn through one of the online programs..i relaize i will still haft ado clinicals, but think the online thing is more feasible for me...i tend to get bored in classes, partially not good at sitting for that long, also tend to be thinking ahead of the lecture...i am looking at excelsior college...god i hope this works out for me....
  5. by   bandaidexpert
    sunny.. depends on where you are going to CLEP. In FL we only have certain courses offered through CLEP. Fl switched over to Prometric testing through Sylvan. More of a pain in the a@*.
  6. by   researchrabbit
    Good luck! Keep us posted on how it goes and how you like it!