Christmastime In The Valley

  1. Thank you, all. It comes from waaaaaaaaay down deep, where all the memories live and the sorrow makes one's blessings that much sweeter.

    Now, to lighten the mood: I swear, I'll do some FUNNY stuff for Christmas---around these parts, I'm the Queen of the Cracked Christmas Carol!

    Here's one I penned last year, to the tune of "Silver Bells":

    "CHRISTMASTIME IN THE VALLEY" (that's the wet, wild Willamette Valley we're talking about):

    "Wind and rain,
    What a pain,
    It's Christmastime in the valley.........
    There's no sun,
    It's not much fun,
    Oh, when will the spring come again?

    Gutters dripping
    Shoes a-slipping,
    And it's cold as a bear,
    In the air, there's the odor of mildew,
    Parents sniping
    Children griping
    'cause they can't play outside,
    and above all this nonsense you'll hear...........(CHORUS)

    Running, dashing
    between splashes,
    My hair sports quite a frizz,
    Like a cat, I hate unscheduled showers.......
    Cars a-crashing
    Drivers flashing
    Rather uncouth salutes,
    And amidst all this madness, you'll see:

    Wind and rain,
    It's such a pain,
    It's Christmastime in the valley,
    It's no fun,
    For anyone
    When will the spring come again?
    Tell me, when will the spring come again?"

    Then there's nursing haiku:

    Doctor asks of me,
    "Did my patient eat his lunch?"
    I point to my shoes.

    Call lights going off,
    Here comes another admit
    Crazy med/surg day.

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  3. by   Thunderwolf
    Moved post with new poem into its own thread for better viewing.

    Request for haiku to be placed on own thread?

    Wonderful energy....yep, Christmas is drawing nigh. Yikes!
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  4. by   Thunderwolf
    Hahahaa....isn't it the truth....all the hustle and bustle...and all that you mention.
    Very timely, Marla. And a great and funny piece.

    Love it!
  5. by   ElvishDNP
    Very funny, Marla!!!