1. 1. Drambuie Orange Creams

    This a-peeling little number ends as square shapes of orange peel with dark soft chocolate piped onto the top. The combination of dark chocolate and orange has been known for years as a mouth watering synergy of flavours (see I DO know some big words!) but when you add the Drambuie it gets downright indecent!!!

    1. To make orange bases - peel several oranges - try to get ones with medium amount of pith. Too little pith and the orange bases will be saggy causing chocolate topping to slide to floor - disastrous! Too much pith will make the bases too tart so you would need to cut some of the pith off and that is just too much pithing about!
    If you can, cut the peel into large squarish shapes roughlly a centimeter across but don't sweat it.
    Place peel into pot with heavily sugared water - how much sugar? Well if it turns to toffee you have added too much. A couple of BIG scoops from the sugar jar - about a cup of sugar to a cup of water. You don't have to be precise because what you want to do is just bring the peel to this side of marmalade. Boil the mix and allow to cool. I place the peel and water into a jar and keep it in the fridge that way I always have some on hand. It should keep quite a while in the fridge if there is enough sugar in the mix. All that will/ should happen is that the peel sugar further.
    Mix chocolate while the peel is cooling (remember this chocolate is very soft and works best if the orange bases are cold - in fact to cheat spread your orange bases out on a tray stick it in the freezer while you make the chocolate).
    Get out ingredients - thickened cream (double thickened is even better - Hey! I just promised mouth watering chocolate - I didn't promise slimming!) Drambuie and chocolate. Take sip of Drambuie.
    Heat 60 mls of cram until it just starts to bubble - you can either do this in a saucepan or in the microwave. I don't have a clue how long it takes in the microwave. I just stick mine on for a minute and if it isn't bubbling - give it more time. Take sip of Drambuie.
    Measure out about 155 gms (5 oz) dark chocolate. Nestle chocolate melts are best. Take sip of Drambuie.
    Add chocolate to cream and mix until smooth. Take sip of Drambuie.
    Add about 2 tablespoons of Drambuie and mix in. Take sip of Drambuie.
    Put chocolate mix into one of those icing pipes use a BIG nozzle pipe chocolate onto peel. Take sip of Drambuie.
    Sprinkle icing sugar over the final chocolates for effect. ( and it helps to keep them a little firmer.) Take sip of Drambuie.
    Beat off hungry hordes with empty Drambuie bottle. Place chocolate in fridge until sets. Pass out. Hungry hordes will demolish chocolate while you are in alcoholic stupor. This will ensure that you do not eat any of the chocolate and so stay slim while they all gain weight.
    Warning! The lure of this chocolate is so great that people have been known to be trampled in the rush, so try not to pass out in front of the fridge!!
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