China find more than twenty illegal monitoring devices on it's presidential 767

  1. delivered by U.S. In todays' news, york , is an article about the Chinese intelligence finding more than twenty bugs on an airplane we delivered to their president, President Zenin. The article says the listening devices are operated by satellite. Cool technology....Poor international relations. One was found in the we really want to hear President Zenin in the crapper? And one on the headboard..yes , I can see our CIA and FBI guys focused on that. It helps explain why 9-11 was a total surprise for them. President Bush has a Summit Meeting in Beiijing next month with President Zenin. How timely. begin international discussions with apologies. There lots of "passing the buck" going around on this one, but no denials.
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  3. by   oramar
    Not to long ago the Chinese were aiming so many microwave listen devuces at the old American embassy that the employees were being cooked by them. The new American embassy had so many listening devices that the American's made the Chinese destroy it and build another new embassy.
  4. by   prn nurse
    both sides of our collective mouths here..encouraging China to get into the World Trade Organization, etc. , etc. and then in 1999 , we "accidentally" bombed and destroyed one of their European embassies....In the middle of downtown. In 200, one of our spy planes overshot China's air space and then out spy plane pilot shot and killed the pilot of the chinese plane sent up to take a look, Now, new aggressive actions by us. Is this international diplomacy?
  5. by   oramar
    I am positive the US spy plane was rammed by a Chinese pilot that saw TOP GUN one to many times. The guy was a certified HOT DOG that was asking for it. The question for me is why these spy runs so close to the border have to occur when we have all these spy in the sky peeping devices. They turned those plane spy devices on from a satalite for heavens sakes. Do you realize it would be just as easy to detonate a bomb from a satalite. AS for conflicting signals. It has always been the carrott and the stick with US diplomacy, now it is the carrott, the stick and the electronic listening device.
  6. by   3651bht
    to be original I am the one who started the both sides of our mouths thing a long time ago.........

  7. by   donmurray
    A variation on "Speaking with forked tongue?"
  8. by   3651bht
    slithering will be next....