Children's Names?

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  3. by   sandypinktruck
    The girls are Shawn & Megann
    The boys are Ian, Wesley, & Reagan
  4. by   Di0202
    Kaitlyn, Kevin, and Kristin
  5. by   VivaLasViejas
    Amanda, Melanie, Christopher, and Benjamin.
  6. by   txspadequeenRN
    I named my children unique names so that they would stand out.

    Cody - he is my step son I did not name him

    Alexis Michelle- this was unique when I named her in 1993

    Devine Faith

    Annica Raelynn- my middle name is lynn, husbands is ray

    Alanna Maryssa- the maryssa part is because my husband has a tatoo on his chest in big script letters over his heart of his last girlfriends name Mary. So I have complained for years and we decided to name her Maryssa cause the day she was born we had SSA added to the Mary tatoo and my husbands chest now say's Maryssa.....

    If I have another ans it's a boy his name is Zander
  7. by   Saved_by_Grace
    [font=lucida sans unicode]daughter's name is andrea denise (after my mom), son's names are austin brent and adam jason (both after my hubby jason brent.)
    [font=lucida sans unicode]i used to use a screenname that was tripleamommy3 because all their names start with a....until a bunch of people kept asking me if my job was going around pulling toddlers out of ditches...(aaa insurance or :chuckle
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  8. by   nurseygrrl
    My daughter's name is Miranda Elizabeth.

    Miranda after a Shakespeare character in The Tempest and Elizabeth after my friend who passed away when we were 15.

    I'm hoping for a boy next time around and would like to name him Jonathan Conrad. Jonathan after my husband and Conrad after my late father.
  9. by   traumaRUs
    Todd and Toby because we have a long and difficult to pronounce last name.
  10. by   Energizer Bunny
    My oldest is Treyton Robert (Robert for my grandfather)

    Middle (girl) is Piper Elaine (Elaine for my grandmother who passed)

    Youngest is Bryce Manning (Manning for my husband's grandfather who passed)
  11. by   devi
    My one and only child is named Christian Avery
  12. by   skislalom
    Girls are: Marina Nicole, Rachel Elizabeth, Rebecca Michelle

    Boy: Ryan Andrew

    Of course then you toss in the nicknames. Marina is "Nina" (or Neener Neener), Rachel ...well lets just say she hears her entire name on a regular basis, Rebecca is "Becky" "Beck" "Becca" and 'Mikey' (auntie calls her that)

    Ryan...well - "TOKEN MALE" fits...he is the Ryanator or RyGuy (he's 3)
  13. by   prettynred68
    natashia marie

    cristin nicole

    stephanie renee

    jacob gordon

    joshua delbert

    jordan robert
  14. by   smk1
    my daughter is Olivia Paige