Children's Allowances

  1. OK, is there some kind of rule of thumb or quick conversion chart for what kind of allowance a kid should get?

    Brian has gone in and out of having chores, just depending on how much I'm working. But he's finally at the age where he understands that hard work has rewards, most of them monetary, and that means he can get cool stuff.

    He's always done what I've asked of him, and I've occasionally given him a little something here or a little something there. But I think it's time for some consistent chores. We bought this cool dry erase board that has all the days of the week and blanks to write in chores, and little check off boxes.

    I have sufficient chores, but we're stuck at the allowance amount.

    What's the going rate for an 8 year old? Is it per chore? Per week?

    Thanks in advance for all of your parental guidance!

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  3. by   hapeewendy
    I dont have any input on the allowance thing, except perhaps that there is nothing worse than a cheapass parent......

    yeah here's a nice shiny dollar, dont spend it all in one place hahahah
    nah kidding , my parents were generous (spoiled brat that I was heh) I got 10 a week or something , which at the time was

    for the record heather, although you may consider it a chore, killing innocent kitties better not make its way on that board
    Originally posted by hapeewendy
    for the record heather, although you may consider it a chore, killing innocent kitties better not make its way on that board
    Why Wendy! I'm shocked and amazed that you think I would include killing kitties as a chore!

    That's on the fun weekend activity board!
  5. by   Lausana
    Speaking of cheapazz parents, a friend got $5 a week until we graduated, which was weird alone, but five dollars?? It would take forever to save for something. I think at least 10 is good, he could actually do something with it.
    Originally posted by Lausana
    I think at least 10 is good, he could actually do something with it.
    Your friend, or my 8 year old?

    $10 seems a little high to me for an 8 year old.
  7. by   Lausana
    Originally posted by OBNURSEHEATHER
    That's on the fun weekend activity board!
    Hopefully for Brian's sake that's not posted in the kitchen
  8. by   Mimi Wheeze
    I don't give my 9 year old son allowance for "everyday" type household chores. However, we have a very large yard, and on "yard work day" he is usually working with us the whole day, doing hard work. I let him pick a place to eat out, or pick a day to have his best buddy over. I never got allowance when I was young, so I've never really considered it for him.

    To answer your question, maybe $5 a week?
  9. by   hapeewendy
    yeah I think for an eight year old ten bucks is a bit much

    and I didnt mean to imply that you dont ENJOY the chore of killing kitties, I just meant that its a task, that you need to complete in order to rid the world of all those horrible felines, and continue your plan onwards to Rule the world!

    some ppl get insane crazy joy out of housework/tasks .......
    some like laundry or dishes, some like ridding the world of cats!
  10. by   valk
    Maybe you should talk to your son's friend's parents & see how much they give.

    A lot of people use the $1 per year old rule.
    If you do it that way an 8 year old would get $8 a week.

    Do you expect him to set some saving goals? Give money to a charity? Gotta talk to him that stuff in advance.

    I think an allowance is great, I got one myself, but when I went shopping with my mom as a kid I always left my money home. Gave her the puppydog eyes if I saw something I wanted & she would buy it. Hope your son is not as sneaky as I was.
    Originally posted by valk
    Hope your son is not as sneaky as I was.

    He leaves the money he does have at home, and then pretends to not understand the principle of sales tax. Also, if I front him the money for something that is $4.99, he conveniently likes to say it was "four dollars, right?"

  12. by   Lausana
    Maybe so I was just taking into account how freakin' expensive such things as video games are if a kid wants to buy something themselves

    *sigh* I never got an allowance, I was free labor for my parents until I became a slave to babysitting
  13. by   NurseShell
    I have an 11 and a 9 year old - we do a dollar a day for "attitude and expected stuff" (homework, not talking back, bed made, etc) Then I made a chart with the "extras" on it and they can opt to do it or not - each thing is worth so much (empty dishwasher $0.50, take out trash $0.25, etc). It adds up!!! Over about 5 months my son saved up enough to buy a motorized scooter!!!! I can email you a copy of the chart if you'd like!
  14. by   researchrabbit
    We were so poor for so long that allowances went out the window. In spite of that, my daughter started working at 14 and bought her first car by herself.

    My son, just turned 14, is looking for a job (harder because boys aren't as immediately acceptable as babysitters).

    When I could pay allowances, I didn't find that it made the chores any easier for the kids.