childhood obesity = abuse

  1. happen to see on news channel about a uk child protection agency which had removed children from parents because the child was overweight
    there weren't much details about the age of the children or how much overweight they were [apparently several families] but there was a woman giving out agreement that children should be taken if a child fails to lose weight if a md has spoken to the parents about it

    seems like this is extreme...children can be addicted to food just as an adult can be addicted to something probably a childs first addiction because they do not have the opportunity or the wherewithall to do anything else
    and anyone knows about the desperate measures that an addict will go through to feed addiction

    a single mother with two jobs probably cannot take her children out to run in the park..she is lucky if she can make it home in one piece and she probably doesn't have much choice about what the daycare feeds children
    may not have any choice of daycares either socal services gives her a place close to home

    there should be every effort made to increase the bond between parents and children and not to put a wedge
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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
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  4. by   Roy Fokker
    Quote from CHATSDALE
    seems like this is extreme...
    Seems like this is an extreme????

    Not trying to be 'sarcastic' - just trying to hide my obvious frustration at the legal system.

    Do we have a link for the story????

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  5. by   mvanz9999
    The article was in the UK Times, which has a dreadfully bad web design (and the link is dead)

    But here's a copy of the article on someone's blog:
  6. by   Spidey's mom
    There was a family locally who had an obese son - obese since toddlerhood. Both parents were obese but this was more than genetics. They overfed their son - equating it with loving him.

    The doc worked and worked with this family. But I would see them out at restaurants ordering large plates of food with seconds, candy, ice cream, soda. Basically stuffing this poor child.

    Social Services ended up being called after years of trying to get this family to see they were killing their son.

    They moved out of the area . . .

    I think it can be a form of neglectful parenting (abuse). But we have to be very careful.

  7. by   leslie :-D
    Quote from stevielynn

    I think it can be a form of neglectful parenting (abuse). But we have to be very careful.

    i have to agree with you, steph.
    before a child is removed from his home, lots and lots of inservices, education, 1:1's, classes and the parents need to take these actions most seriously.
    if the parents still don't understand the depraved environment in which they're raising their kids and all of the implications, then sadly, negligence/abuse is the issue at hand and consequences made accordingly.
    and yes, a very delicate situation.


    eta: i'm not talking about a physiological process, where the child has no control over their intake.
    a thorough work-up would be indicated on the parents and the children involved.
    comprehensive testing could only lead to the ultimate deduction and so, resolution.
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  8. by   mvanz9999
    Is it really 100% the parents though? There have to be other factors at play.

    I'm thinking....when I was a kid I didn't really eat sugar. It wasn't that I COULDN'T have it, or that I couldn't get it. I just didn't want it. I remember that my parents used to get me fruit at Easter -- over chocolate bunnies and jelly beans, because that's what I wanted. Wouldn't eat the other stuff.

    I have no idea why. My sister that's about 1.5 years younger than me had a voracious appetite that was only quelled with butter, chocolate, and cookies. She is grossly obese now. I'm height/weight proportionate. Yet we were raised by the exact same parents, in the same environment, only a year and a half apart.

    At some level, the child has to also be responsible.