1. Saw "Chicago" this was 2 hours of pure escapism and entertainment. I haven't seen a movie like this since I was very young (mainly because they haven't MADE 'em like this since then) and I loved it! Nothing depressing or intellectual, nothing that required thought or demanded that the viewer form an opinion........just old-fashioned fun.

    So---have any of you seen it yet, and what did you think of it? Did Richard Gere really get snubbed by the Academy? (In a word: YES.) How did you like Queen Latifah as probably the first sexy "zaftig" woman ever to grace the screen? And what about that Catherine Zeta-Jones---who knew she was actually as talented as she is gorgeous?

    For anyone who hasn't seen it, don't expect the usual with this movie: people who don't usually sing and dance do both in the film, and they're even good at it. There's no real plot, just a story, and there's no whodunit here.......we know whodunit in the first few minutes. But the whole thing is very well done, and the chorus of "All That Jazz" will be stuck in your brain long after the closing credits.
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  3. by   passing thru
    I looked up Richard Gere on Google. (another thread) It seems in 1992 , while accepting an Oscar, his speech was religious and political, critisizing China, begging for the Dalai Lama to be reinstated as the top guy in Tibet, Gere is a Buddist, so is the Dalai Lama, and he critisized U.S. foreign policies toward Tibet, etc. You'll have to look it up. Anyway, the Academy Award producers were incensed and said, "Richard Gere will NEVER be asked to return ."

    I saw it twice and would encourage everyone to go see it on the big screen. Lots of talent, Rene Zellweger , Catherine, Queen Latifah, Richard, the other guy, (Rene's spouse), they all put on exceptional performances. Very amusing and entertaining, lots of t & a for the guys, ( dancers) rated pg 13... it has received 12-13 nominations. I'd go see it again if I had 90 min to kill. I loved the puppet scene, queen latifah' mamma scene, richard's tap dancing.......the whole's a fast moving movie...not one minute is boring.
  4. by   tony summers
    Loved the film almost as good as the stage production, which have seen twice. Film was excellent, had to miss the first 5 mins so we could drop daughter into playschool first.
  5. by   Tookie

    went to see the movie with my best friend and daughter last night - It was fantastic - Very different from Moulin Rouge - OK l loved it and l love musicals

    I loved Chicago - the time went so quickly and the story was fantastic - I think both girls deserve their nominations (Sorry but l want Nic to win)

    AND l loved Richard Gere in the role - he was terrific - so different from other stuff he has done - l think that it is typical politics (OK this time Hollywood politics that has stopped him from being nominated)- Highly recommend this show - Just great

  6. by   Nurse Ratched
    Great movie. Saw it with hubby and some girlfriends - hubby (the only man in the group) tongue in cheek commented on his concern about the "moral message" the film was sending that it's ok to off your BF/hubby lol. (Did he miss the scene where "they didn't so it, but if they did he deserved it?")
    luv the cell block tango!..."pop, six, squish, uh-uh, cicero, lipschitz...he had it coming....he only had himself to blame...if you were there...if you had of seen it....i betcha you would have done the same!" i especially luv the bernie & his popping gum part..."i gave him two warning shots...*into his head*!"...& the #17~"the spread eagle!"

    my other favorite song is if you're good to mama.

    my daughter downloaded the songs from the motion picture on do take care to download the movie soundtrack & not the broadway version...they're on kazaa too. here's a sample of the soundtrack @ and if you're into the music that much...go to in order to get the sheet music & lyrics to the songs!

    this film was quite entertaining to say the least!

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  8. by   passing thru
    I wish EVERYONE on Allnurses would go see it on the BIG SCREEN...Lots of t & a for the guys and a great movie...I saw it twice and would go again if I weren't busy, (probably will)... are so right ..all the best songs...the spread eagle ..LOL
    .LUV the movie...
    Queen Latifah .. "the last of the RED-HOT mama's " what a performance! that alone was worth the price of a ticket..
    Go see it everyone ! It's a "big screen" movie !
  9. by   J-RN student
    I can't wait so see it...Hubby doesn't want to go, I may have to drag him.
    ...your husband doesn't want to go...especially if he's heard about the plot of the movie...heehee!

  11. by   Tookie
    Its just fabulous
    Just go and l agree see it ion the big screeen - Dont need the hubby
    Loved the jail tango alos loved Gere tapdance does any one know did he do his one dancing? l did hear that they all did their own singing.
    originally posted by sandra m. took
    its just fabulous
    just go and l agree see it ion the big screeen - dont need the hubby
    loved the jail tango alos loved gere tapdance does any one know did he do his one dancing? l did hear that they all did their own singing.
    richard gere did both sing *&* dance! he didn't do too bad of a job of it either. everyone done their own singing. i was completely fab!

  13. by   Tookie
    yes just go and see it its great