Chia-Pets and other gifts....

  1. The thread on kitchen gadgets made me think...what about different or unusual gifts?

    Like Chia-pets...they have been around for years..has anyone actually owned one? Have you grown one, or just left it in the box?

    What other Christmas gifts are commonly given, but maybe never used? Like fruitcakes maybe????
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  3. by   nursegoodguy
    I LOVE fruitcake! (of course)
  4. by   SusanRN2004
    Originally posted by nursegoodguy
    I LOVE fruitcake! (of course)
    I think it was Johnny Carson that hated them...he joked that there were actually only a few of them in the world and people would just pass them on to some one new the next season. And that no one ever ate one...they were only used as doorstops...
  5. by   VivaLasViejas
    I have a theory about fruitcake: Many years ago, some monks made up a thousand of these things and sent them to different parts of the world. The ones that went to Scotland have been used as stones during annual Highland Games events; those sent to the Netherlands became nifty doorstops; but the majority have been circulating around the globe ever since, being passed on from recipient to recipient. Kinda like the ultimate chain letter. My husband and I got one for Christmas one year that sat in our freezer until the next Christmas, when we unloaded it on a neighbor. I think that fruitcake ended up somewhere in Australia......
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  6. by   kittyw
    My dad loves fruitcakes.... it's funny that you mention them being used as door stops.

    I got a baseball cap for my bf's step-dad when I went to Peru - he's a big sports nut and wears them to all the games - so I thought it'd be a good gift. He was working on cleaning up this apt he was getting ready to switch renters on. He gave me the keys and asked me if I'd help him pick some stuff from there (things that were too heavy for him to lift). Well... I found the baseball cap there and told him that I took it back to my place for safe keeping. That's when he told me he had been using it as a door stop!!!
  7. by   researchrabbit
    I had a chia pet in high school but forgot to water it for a looked really cool before it got crunchy.

    The best gift I ever got was after my divorce; my best friend made me a quilt without telling me, entered it in a contest in my city, came across the country to visit me and made me go to this quilt contest, only to find this wonderful quilt dedicated to ME!!! All these quilters had been waiting all day for the screaming and they weren't disappointed!

    She said, "You really needed something for your bed that he hadn't slept on!" I feel wrapped in love still, 6 years later.
  8. by   caroladybelle
    I despise fruitcake...unless soaked in rum of course (me & the cake)

    Anyone have any pet rocks, Billy the singing bass fish, those musically apes that did the Macarena, Ray Stevens videos, Elvis velvet paintings/Last Supper/dogs playing poker, sea monkeys, x-ray glasses, 3-d movies, looms with loops to make those silly potholders, ab-tronic belts,etch a sketch, spirograph, gyroscopes, Rubik's cubes, gnome dolls.

    My Dad I think bought them all for me at one time or another.
  9. by   aimeee
    I think it is too dry in our house to keep the chia pets going. Have gotten gifts from time to time that went straight to the back of the closet. Like a t-shirt with one of those plasticy pictures on the front of too-cute persian kittens. And a cookie jar that had kittens on the lid. Hmmm. Is there a kitten kitsch theme here?
  10. by   misti_z
    Before my great great grandmother passed away--about 13 years ago....she was 97yo, she felt like she had to give all children, grandchildren, etc something for Christmas....all 20 or so of us!!! I swear she would give us crap <used very you MamMaw> that she had laying around the house. One year, for Christmas, I got a old purse full of 3+ year old Reader's Digest and once got a big orange raccoon candle!!!!!! :roll :roll
  11. by   bagladyrn
    At one time my grandmother got into doing ceramics. She gave my mother a ceramic dish meant to hold baked potatos. It was, of course in the shape of a giant baked potato. Since she was fairly new to this, she just painted the whole lumpy thing a nice shade of brown. So every holiday and grandma visit dinner thereafter, we had this giant t*rd in the place of honor on the table.
    My mother got revenge at me for laughing at it by telling grandma that I would just LOVE the latest cookie jar she made - a giant sort of bumpy cone shape painted orange with yellow and green spots.
  12. by   BadBird
    I got a used hamburger cooker without the cord to make it work from my ex-mother in law, in a shirt dress box. I gave it back to her for her birthday.. Guess what kind of relationship we had.
  13. by   KRVRN
    And BadBird, YOU were the wrong one right?
  14. by   cactus wren
    Nurse know the ones.....10 reasons I love being a nurse, nurses call the shots, etc....Probably have 8 or 9 taking up from important people in my life.mainly g-kids- so I have to keep them. An d for some reason those Precious momments figurines....... same lovely g-kids, again.......I drag them out when they come to visit, then pack them up as soon as they leave.