Checking in, are my buds still around???

  1. aus, badbird, jennyP, mooooooon, l.rae, shaaaaaaaay, various/sundry naughty persons... any of my old chat pals still wander the boards?

    I've missed you all, hope things are going well in your worlds. Maybe see you in chat sometime?

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  3. by   BranRN
    I think someone was looking for you too.
  4. by   RNonsense
    ATS!!!! Hello my friend! Where have you been??
  5. by   ats
    ummmm... let's see...

    had a near-life experience, and a near-death experience...

    so the upshot is, I still don't have a life, but I AM alive!

    good to see you, hope your hubby's friends are still good (and available) hopefully I'll catch up with my old chat buddies. see you in there?

  6. by   indeed
    Welcome back ats! I will so definately see you in chat sooooon.

  7. by   Sleepyeyes
    Yes!! FINALLY!!

    JennyP and BadBird were asking about you just the other day! Glad to see you're back!!
  8. by   ats
    Hiya Sly, how ya been?

  9. by   aus nurse
    ats good to see ya surface again...and indeed, my friend, you too
    See you in chat
  10. by   indeed
    Trying to get in chat now. The BATSIGNAL has been received!

  11. by   ats
    Waiting for you....

    aus, you coming in??

  12. by   NurseDennie
    Hey you guys!!! YAY and Welcome back!!!


  13. by   Sleepyeyes
    Originally posted by ats
    Hiya Sly, how ya been?

    Just fine, thanks, and did you hear about the vegas get=together???

    If not, check out the sticky on the OT forum.
  14. by   l.rae have been MIA...put out an APB.....missed you terribly!!!!!!! Don't EVER dissapear like that again chicky. l haven't been able to get into chat for about 3 months, bought a new computer, now my withdrawal sx's are easing..LOL. l work this wknd, but monday pm l will probably be getting my ''fix''. Great to hear from you, thanks for checkin' in. Don't make me come lookin for you again