change in the weather

  1. I must have the opposite of S.A.D.-I LOVE the fall and winter.Instead of "spring cleaning" I am "fall nesting" now..My husband fell to the Kirby vacuum sales pitch a few weeks ago so now I have a vacuum that is worth more then my car and can suck the paint off of the wall,shampoo the carpet,sand floors and take out impacted wisdom teeth...However-I still don't really know how to use all of these attachments-had to get my son to hook me up.Now all of my nooks and crannies are dust free.I'm scrubbing the corners and edges of the floors with an old tooth brush and I have the rest of the week to organize cupboards and drawers.I can get it all done if I can limit my time here at allnurses! This is my pattern-I let things slide for a few months and then become obsessed with the scrubbing.I must be crazy. Actually today I am happy to have a home to clean and the physical ability to do so......many others have neither....
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  3. by   leslie :-D
    me too, me too.
    i become alive in the fall, winter.
    as for your fancy, new vacuum cleaner?
    it has mega sucking power in half the time.
    MORE time for allnurses!

  4. by   Tweety
    We have no fall here, but summer ends in mid-October and people come alive and our "season" really begins. I love the fall and winter months in Florida because it's like Spring.
  5. by   dianah
    I love the cool, crisp evenings and the sun setting earlier and earlier. I like needing a sweater or coat when I go outside. We do have a few trees that turn colors in the fall (not like New England, though!!), up in the mountains, and it's good to see their colors blazing against the pines and rocks. I like all the fallen leaves.

    I do like something about every season; don't think I could name a favorite, but fall/winter/spring here in So. Cal. are nice (less smog). Summer is nice for the beach! (although there is something attractive as well, when the beach is deserted d/t fog and cool temps or clouds over gray waters . .)
  6. by   SmilingBluEyes
    fall ROCKS!
  7. by   rehab nurse
    wow, i thought i was the only autumn lover around here.

    i especially love when the leaves start changing, but those few rare days when it's high 60s or 70's weather. love it. i absolutely love september through february.

    i hate summer. with my lung problems and lupus, i can't go outside very much, i cannot tolerate heat, etc. it's bad for my kids, cause i cannot go outside during the very hot times. i have to wait until it's cooler out, sun starts going down, etc. lots of trips to my parents house so they get adequate play time outside!

    can't wait for the leaves to start to change color!
  8. by   RainDreamer
    I'm definitely not sad to see summer heading out, soon. It's not over yet. With a temp of 107 yesterday, it's still a bit warm to be considered "fall". Our weather is kinda like what Tweety described ...... we don't have fall, but at the end of October (right around Halloween) it starts to cool down and we have fall-like weather from about Oct. to May ..... I can't wait!!!!!!