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  1. what do you guys think of the new laws being passed about talking on your cell phone while driving. seems like they could say almost the same thing about eating, smoking, changing the radio station, etc... just curious. janet
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  3. by   kaycee
    I rarely use my cell phone while driving unless it's a very quick call or emergency, but I'm glad it's there. I'm sure there are some idiots that should not drive and talk at the same time, in fact I've seen some. But there are no statistics that say cell phones are the leading causes of accidents. I am against the government controlling this and many other things, as you said janet, what's next!
  4. by   night owl
    Even when these laws are passed, there will still be those who will ignore the laws like those who refuse to use seat belts or those who refuse to do the speed limit. And for those who refuse to obey the laws there will be consequences.

    I would only hope that if you have to use the cell phone you have enough sense to pull off the road, dial the number do your conversation thing. Then when you're finished, you go back onto the road and consentrate on driving. I for one HAVE to pull over because I can't dial and drive at the same time. To me it's not worth staying on the road just to save a few minutes because accidents happen in a second. A few minutes lost is worth it to me instead of being seriously injured and disabled for months or even killed! All it takes is common sense, but I wonder if anyone has any sense anymore. Look at the way some people even drive without a cell phone. 85 in a 65. When I drive in the "Granny Lane" doing 65, I'm being pushed to do 75...It's CRAZY and then I'm going to whip out my phone and call my girlfriend, or my kids or whoever. Then I must have a deathwish. Forget it! It's off the road, or no phone for me. People are in such a hurry anymore and no one wants to take time to think. Law or no law people will drive and dial anyway. So why even make it a law at all??? MONEY! It all boils down to money. Bottomline is always MONEY. For those who drive and dial and get caught, you get a ticket and you pay MONEY. You want to keep your money? Talk on the phone when you're off the road. SIMPLE. You save your money and you save lives. Then everyone is happy except the people looking for the money. And you know what we say to them? {tee hee} Go @#$% yourself because we work too hard for it!
    I don't believe it's actually talking on the phone that causes accidents (if there's even really statistical proof of that). It's really no different than carrying on a conversation with someone sitting next to me in the car.

    While I do talk on my cell phone while I drive, I try not to make a habit of it. They are not social calls. And I will only dial the phone while I'm at a red light or sitting in a parking lot, something that doesn't require my full attention. And I have let my cell phone ring unanswered because I didn't feel comfortable enough with road conditions to answer it.

    I agree with Janet. What are they gonna control next? Will I not be allowed to smoke, eat, or change the radio station? What about those minivans and conversion vans with a FREAKIN TV in them? And what about kids? I bet there IS statistical evidence that kids in the backseat are a distraction and have indeed caused a number of accidents. Maybe they'll pass enough laws so that in order to run to the grocery store, I'll have to lock my cigarrettes, pepsi, cell phone and my kid all in the trunk???

    And after all this, they'll still be a**hole drunk drivers who don't care about laws, who will take out entire families without a second thought, because the police are busy giving me a ticket for my cell phone.

  6. by   night owl
    Hi Heather,

    I think it's a ridiculous law to pass myself. Like I said it's all political and it's only for money, just something else to bleed our wallets for THEM.

    I bet there are statistics proving that more accidents are caused by people being distracted by other things while driving like trying to light a cigarette, getting something out of their purses, putting a tape or CD in, putting on make up and the list is endless. I've actually seen people trying to read a map, and read a book while driving a car. How insane is that?

    We have a radio station out here in NJ, 101.5 that is a call in talk show that discusses different topics about NJ. One morning as I was driving home from work, the topic was, "Things you do while driving." And the things that people were telling us listeners were incredible! Like tossing a salad, putting on pantyhose, changing a baby's diaper. I was amazed that no one had called in to complain how dangerous doing all of these things were. I would have, but at the time, I had no cell phone. My brother had an accident while trying to pick something up he dropped.

    I've seen too many close calls with cell phones. I was cut off the highway because some guy was in the middle lane passed me then cut infront of me into the slow lane so he could get off the exit that was ahead. He had the cell phone in his hand up to his ear and the other hand on the wheel. He couldn't use his blinker because his hands were already busy. I slammed on by brakes and veared off the road so I could avoid hitting him. Scared the !@#$ out of me!

    !@#$ happens, and people will continue to use cell phones anyway, law or no law. I just hope they learn to use them wisely, and learn how to drive safely doing all of the other things they do.
  7. by   cmggriff
    I fully exspect the ACLU to test these laws as breaches of the First Amendment. I think the constitutional right to free speech will be invoked by someone. As for all the other laws that make the world a safer place for me, I don't like them either. I wear my seat belts, but I dislike laws making me a criminal if I don't. I lock up my firearms, but I don't think the State should tell me I have to. In Kentucky (where I used to live) the law said anyone at fault in a lethal MVA and under the influence of ETOH is guilty of first degree murder. People still drink and drive. The laws don't change behaviors. They only give the goverment more control over law abiding citizens. Gary
  8. by   Q.
    I am totally against passing such a law. I rarely use my cell phone in the car, however, when I do, I feel competent enough to drive and talk on the phone at the same time. Just because there are idiots who cannot multi-task doesn't mean the rest of society has to follow to the least common denominator.

    I say, "survival of the fittest." If you get into a car wreck because you are incompetent, well then, so be it.
  9. by   CEN35
    wow susy! brutal!
  10. by   donmurray
    Hey Suzy K, do you talk on the phone whilst issuing meds? Same level of concentration required. But seriously, most mobile conversations tend to be at the "I'll be home soon" level, and are therefore not urgent, or if they are at a more important level, why not pull over and give due respect to the caller by giving them your undivided attention?
  11. by   e-nurse
    I cannot stand people who talk on their cell phones while driving. Even more-so since April when my sister-in-law, her friend and her friend's children were in an accident that could have very easily killed them all after a car w/ a woman talking on her cell phone "animatedely" swerved, hit their truck, and sent them into a tumble. The woman will get off scott-free b/c the troppers dismissed the witnesses from the scene b/c they thought that the occupants of the vehicle were dead. My sister-in-law is a teacher and has been out of work since the accident. She went back in for her 4th operation on her wrist (she was covering her head w/ her arms as the truck was sliding on it's roof and all her tendons were torn(she can still hardly move her fingers @ all in her writing hand)) after an initial 3 operations that had her hospitalized for a month, not to mention a fxed ankle. Passerbys had to lift the truck off of her leg to get her out. One child had a broken leg, the other one was fine, and her friend had a cervical vertebral fx that could have killed her, especially considering they didn't brace her on the way to the hospital. My brother is a fisherman and has not been able to earn an adequate living b/c he has to drive her 2 hours round trip for 2 hours PT/OT 3-4 days a week and can't make the trips on the boat. There are witnesses who have since made statements stating the negligence of this driver on her cell phone, but the police are not taking the statements into consideration b/c they were negligent in dismissing the witnesses from the scene. Even before this ever happened cell phones while driving was a pet peeve of mine. Drivers who talk on cell phones don't keep up /c traffic as they should, and sometimes they swerve around as if they were driving drunk. The bill has passed the house in RI where the accident took place, and I hope it continues on til Gov. Almond signs it.
  12. by   hoolahan
    For crying out loud, if you don't care enough about yourself to stay the he!! off the phone while driving, then do it for the other people on the road. I have been cut off more times by people talking on cell phones than I care to remember.

    As a Home health nurse, I frequently have to page docs, who take forever to return my calls. If they think I will kill myself to pick up while I am driving, they can think again! I just changed my voice mail to say ".....if you get this message I am either driving or with a client and unable to answer the phone. Please leave a message and I will return your call as soon as it is safe and I am able."

    I know from having used a cell phone while driving, it is a different kind of distraction. Those phones are so small, it's hard to keep them balanced w/o holding them. Now the only way I can see this being OK is if you use those headphone type attachments, and have voice command dialing. My friend puts in alarm systems and stereo systems in cars and homes, he loaned me his SUV while he worked on my car. He actually has a TV in the front seat. He was going to set it up for me to watch and I said Are you NUTS?? You want me to drive this car, that I'm not familair with AND watch TV?? Paul, I'll be home in 10 minutes hon, I can wait!! I have sworn off using cell phones while driving. I know I can't trust myself, it does distract me from my driving, and I think if you search your heart, you would admit this too.
  13. by   tiger
    i think if you use your cell phone responsibly while driving--like making calls at red light and not trying to talk during major traffic and paying attention to your driving it can be done safely. it's just the people that get more into theri conversation than into their driving that screw it up for everyone else. like i said before--what are they going to restrict next once they start this.
  14. by   Q.
    Originally posted by donmurray
    Hey Suzy K, do you talk on the phone whilst issuing meds? Same level of concentration required. But seriously, most mobile conversations tend to be at the "I'll be home soon" level, and are therefore not urgent, or if they are at a more important level, why not pull over and give due respect to the caller by giving them your undivided attention?
    Quite the sassy response - but along the same lines I guess I would have to also have a "no talking" policy with my passengers as well........