Cell phones

  1. do you have one and what was the deciding factor for you to get one? if any place, where do you think they should not be allowed?

    after leaving a 3/11 shift one night in 1997, i had a blow out. it was on a dark road and the houses were far a part. i was so afraid that i did more harm than just have a flat because i drove as far as i could on the rim that it caused other damage to the axial?, i believe this is the correct spelling.

    i was afraid to flag anyone down, it someone would happened to stop, as they may have been afraid too. after about 15-20 minutes of waiting there, not knowing what to do, a car came and it slowed down. this girl called me by name and said she was a friend of my daughter.

    her parents were of course with her and they gave me a ride home. i was still shaking as i was telling my family what happend.

    i soon got a cell phone for this reason and don't ever won't to be without one.

    i don't carry mine into a restaurant, church, or business.
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  3. by   jayna
    Got one........why?

    I was always absent on the urgent meetings arranged while was was out in the hospitals...........boss shouted " GET A CELL PHONE NOW"
  4. by   NurseAngie
    Hey Stephany!

    I also have a cell. I never had one before we moved to Italy, but we used them rather than get home phone service. It was a real life saver and I knew I wanted one when I got back. I rarely ever use it. I know I have it if I need it though! I don't take mine to church either, but I carry it everywhere else. It came in handy when we were hit and the driver took off while we were in Memphis back in May! It's worth it's weight in gold to me since I travel alone frequently.

    Sorry to hear about what happened to you back when you had that flat tire. You seem to have my kind of luck Sis!

  5. by   kittyw
    My bf got one for me after I missed seeing him cause I was too lazy to stop at a gas station to call him. (Ooops) It has been a life saver!! My car has died a couple of times since then and I'm so grateful that help is just a call away. I just wish that people would turn them off or to vibrate during our tests & at the movie theater!!
  6. by   jayna
    Oh and no cells phone during meetings......but these peeps here love their cell phones.......while in very important meetings you will hear beep beep ring ring rang rang...sing sing bark bark arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh..........
    I have one too. I don't use it alot. In fact, my plan has 75 free minutes, and I only went over that once (and I have to admit, it was because I had a blonde moment and didn't properly "end" my call).

    Hubby originally got it for me when I got my first nursing job. I was working nights, and it was about a 45 minute drive, all of which was expressway or back roads.

    Had a really crappy experience at the movies this last weekend when some idiot refused to turn off his cell phone. I can see if you forgot, you end the call and turn it off. But it had one of those cutsie rings, and we must have heard it at least 5 times! It was crazy, the entire audience was yelling and throwing stuff at him

  8. by   kittyw
    When we went to see Austin Powers, this guy not only had his phone ring... but he ANSWERED it!
  9. by   jemb
    I got a cell phone several years ago when I was staying out of town to work and then driving through a very rough part of town on my way home. I don't use it much, but it has come in handy a few times. I find that when I'm traveling, it's less expensive to use the cell to check up on things at home than to pay the fees most hotels/motels charge to make a call from the room. As for cell phones not being allowed certain places ---- I think cell phones should be allowed everywhere. It's some of the inconsiderate bozos that carry them that should be banned!:chuckle
  10. by   bagladyrn
    I got my cell phone because the men in my life (my son and my father) are both worriers and nags. Since I am a traveler, they worry what will happen if I break down out of reach of either!
    My having the cell phone and AAA pacifies them. (And I never told them about the time I drove 1500 miles, stopping every 150 or so to put water in the leaky radiator because I didn't want to be at the mercy of interstate mechanics)
  11. by   Sleepyeyes
    hubby and i share the cell when not at home; i'm glad to have it, especially when I'm out shopping and having a "do=we-have-that-or-should-i-buy-it?" thing
  12. by   misti_z
    I got my cell phone during college d/t driving 60 miles round trip 5 days week. I still have it and carry it with me always.....just in case.
  13. by   Mkue
    i have a cell phone to basically keep in touch with my kids and hubby, don't really use it that much but it's nice to have.
  14. by   GPatty
    My hubby and I both have a cell.....his rings constantly! Seems like everyone we know (and some we don't) have his cell phone number...
    I use mine for emergencies about home and the kids....
    16 y/o daughter got one for Christmas....I want to know where my daughter is at ALL times! And I want her to be able to get ahold of me if she ever needs me!(She and I use ours wisely..... Dad is looney with his! Not a brain in his head!) LOL