CD Burner problem?

  1. this may sem dumb, but i am so frustrated right now? i have never had a problem......or so many problems with any one piece of hardware/software. i bought an hp cd writer etc wednsday........can't get the thing to work riight, and am just tossing cds away left and right, while attempting too do so. i wrote hp and got a response........did what they said........same thing still? anybody have any ideas? this is what i wrote hp: to whom it may concern........i am totally frustrated now. i have turned the power manager off. i have made sure everything is clean as specified. i have used the proper cd material, speed etc. i have disabled the "hard drive read ahead optimization". it can write 1,2 and 3 songs. yet, if i do more than that, i still get the write error. this what it showed in the advanced mode:
    response: -10 - command:1b sense:ff asc:02 ascq:10 hp cd-writer+ 8200f (e atapi (1.0a)
    px.dll - pxmas.dll -
    oleaut32.dll - 2.40.4515.0 msvbvm60.dll -
    mscomctl.ocx -
    mscomct2.ocx -
    cehelper.dll -
    pxhelper.vxd -
    please let me know what else i can do? i have never had this kind of problem with other hardware/software.....i am near my end with frustration here after spending almost 20 hours trying to figure out what the problem is here.
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  3. by   Cardiolo
    Sounds ugly...

    My husband had a problem with my Hp CD Writer too when I first got it. Turned out to be a compatability problem with the PCI chipset on the motherboard. When my husband talked with the HP rep. he was told that this is a common problem with a non-intel PCI chip-set, examples are: VIA, SIS, etc. He ended up having to download another driver (older) from the Web Site that made the motherboard. If you are a Dell or Gateway owner and have a warranty, as you may already know, call them. If you have put your puter together yourself, try the motherboard Web Site for support. The FAQ's section may have something similar to your issue. Good luck!!
  4. by   CEN35
    well............turns out for whatever will not work correctly when the hp printer is plugged in while using the cd burner. after unplugging the burner and restarting the computer it workd fine! me
  5. by   Cardiolo
    We had that happen with my scanner and printer Glad you figured it out, and have fun!!