Castaway: the price of abusing cabin crew


    According to the airline, Monarch, the man appeared to be drunk and repeatedly insulted cabin crew and fellow holidaymakers shortly after the Airbus A321 left Manchester on Tuesday evening.
    Understood to be an Irish citizen living in Lancashire, he ignored numerous appeals to calm down when he was refused further alcoholic drinks. As the plane reached its cruising height of 35,000ft, the captain decided to make an unscheduled stop and throw the man off the plane.

    Can we do the same thing to rude patients? :chuckle
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  3. by   URO-RN
    He was verbally abusive to our cabin crew. They asked him repeatedly to tone down his language but he continued to be verbally aggressive towards the crew and passengers," she said. A spokesman added: "Despite repeated attempts by Monarch scheduled staff to calm the individual, the passenger's behaviour did not improve and the decision was taken to divert to Porto Santo. The action was taken in the interests of all the passengers. That sort of behaviour is not acceptable. He was given the chance to calm down and he declined it. He was given a form, a caution for his behaviour, and he refused to sign it.",00.html

    Boy, this sounds familiar:uhoh21:
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    Good for the Captain, he got rid of him quick.
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    Quote from URO-RN

    Can we do the same thing to rude patients? :chuckle
    We can't. Our windows are locked (i checked).